Leadership In The Movie Apollo 13

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Introduction: For this term paper, I decided to write about the movie Apollo 13. I chose to do so because it gives many great examples of good leadership, how people react in stressful situations and (add too).
French and Raven: This movie shows multiple people who express the types of powers listed in French and Ravens 5 bases of power. The first type of power expressed is Legitimate Power. Legitimate power means that someone has the formal right to make demands and orders because of their job title and the responsibilities that come with it. A person who shows legitimate power is Gene Kranz who is played by Ed Harris. As NASA flight director at Houston’s mission control, he is the one who has the power to decide what to do and how …show more content…

Referent power is the influence one has over others based on the strength of the relationship between the leader and their followers. This power takes time to develop although it does not take long to lose. Jim Lovell displays referent power. It is clear to see that those around him respect him as both a person and an astronaut. His fellow crew members look up to him in times of need and he is consulted on making some decisions. Because of this power that he has, he can help influence the people around him to stay calm in such a stressful time. I would argue that Gene Kranz also displays some referent power as he is able to calm down both the crew on base and in space in order to focus on the task at hand. This also shows that it is indeed possible for a person to have and use more than one type of power.
Servant Leadership: (add specific quotes and citation from source in class) The definition of Servant Leadership as defined by Robert K. Greenleaf states that this is a person who is first a servant, and then a leader. He or she starts from the bottom and works their way up the ladder. These people are often focused other people’s priorities, they often share power with all and they are helping their followers or subordinates develop and mature so they can perform at their best. Jim Lovell is a great example of a servant leader.
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Collaboration is when the leader “provides relevant resources and assistance” to the people completing the assignment (Citation for Influence Tactic Sheet). Gene does this when he is tasking a group to find a way to lower the amount of carbon dioxide in the cabin of the spaceship by using only the things the astronauts have with them. He gives the team the assignment and the tools needed so that they can complete it. Consultation, or when the leader asks the target to “suggest improvements in a proposal”, is also used when the job of finding out how to land the spacecraft (double check task) is given to Ken Mattingly (Citation for Influence Tactic Sheet). This is an example of consultation because Ken is given the job but is allowed to do whatever he needs in order to solve it. He is enabled to make decisions regarding changing various aspects so that they can find a working

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