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  • Apollo 13

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    lessons on leadership that you have learned from the movie APOLLO 13. a. Teamwork Teamwork was very essential throughout the movie. The astronauts were in a life or death situation. The pressure of the said situation caused a lot of stressed to the teams which forced them to be an innovative and to come up with a useful solution given the time constraint and resources for survival. b. Professionalism The crews of the Apollo 13 mission, and the people of the Mission Control that supported

  • Leadership In The Movie Apollo 13

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    Introduction: For this term paper, I decided to write about the movie Apollo 13. I chose to do so because it gives many great examples of good leadership, how people react in stressful situations and (add too). French and Raven: This movie shows multiple people who express the types of powers listed in French and Ravens 5 bases of power. The first type of power expressed is Legitimate Power. Legitimate power means that someone has the formal right to make demands and orders because of their

  • The Apollo 13 Mission

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    On April 11, 1970, the Apollo 13 mission broke the mold of space exploration programs. Three men, one spacecraft, and a Mission Control crew set off for what was supposed to be an exploration and experimentation of rocks found on the moon. This mission became one of the most miraculous events in history. The Apollo 13 is significant to exploration, encounter and exchange in history in that it set the foundation for the space program's growth and further development. The spacecraft’s crew encountered

  • Apollo 13: A Leader-Follower-Situation Model Of Leadership

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    Apollo 13 depicts the historical story of the 1970’s spacecraft and its tumultuous journey through space. The film highlights the successful failure of a space launch where a series of unforeseen circumstances would become the culmination of NASA’s most demanding challenges. The ability of the individuals’ involved showed great human ingenuity, courage, and the collaboration between these people depicted a human triumph over the human failure. A collection of highly knowledgeable mathematicians,

  • Apollo 13 Disadvantages

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    As the third attempt on landing on the moon, Apollo 13 was meant to be an improvement for the previous failures, but ended up as a danger to people working in space. Apollo 13’s launch happened on April 11, 1970, and lasted for 6 days. NASA sent 3 men, including Fred W. Haise, James A. Lovell, and John L. Swigert. Initially, Ken Mattingly was supposed to join the crew but was replaced by Swigert because he was supposedly diagnosed with German measles. The team’s mission was to land on the moon, but

  • Apollo 13 Analysis

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    The movie Apollo 13 is based on the actual Apollo 13 mission in April 11, 1970 that was just a routine mission to the moon that went horribly wrong. However, the movie is overall historically inaccurate, primarily due to the false facts it ultimately portrays about the moon and the life depending procedures they needed to perform. In the movie Apollo 13 the central focus in the beginning of the movie was to go to the moon and in the meantime encountered the threatening situation to go around the

  • Apollo 13 Essay

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    Gray History 1302 Apollo 13 The launch date for Apollo 13 was, April 11, 1970. There were three astronauts aboard, which where Fred Haise, Jack Swigert, and Jim Lovell. Apollo 13 was a mission for these three intelligent astronauts to land on the moon, which did not happen. These three men where very close to landing on the moon until they had a problem with the oxygen. Apollo 13 mission failed at the last minute due to a malfunction. “After Apollo 12 came the famous Apollo 13 mission in which

  • Apollo 13 Themes

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    "Apollo 13" is a gripping historical drama film that chronicles the events of the ill-fated Apollo 13 space mission in 1970. Directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton, the film depicts the harrowing experience of three astronauts who must overcome tremendous odds to return safely to Earth after an explosion in their spacecraft cripples their mission. The movie captures the intense suspense, heroism, and innovation of NASA's Apollo program and offers a compelling

  • Odysseus In Apollo 13

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    In the Odyssey by Homer and the movie, Apollo 13, Odysseus and James (Jim) Lovell face difficulties that they need to overcome and have many accomplishments they need to celebrate. Odysseus and Jim face challenges they overcome. One of Odysseus’s great challenges is escaping trouble. He finds ways to always escape them but finds it hard sometimes so he must be creative. One example would be at the Cyclops's cave he knows he can not move the big stone door so he escapes with his men when the Cyclops

  • Apollo 13 Research Paper

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    Abstract Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in NASA’s Apollo program and it was the third mission intended to land astronauts on the moon. The lunar landing was aborted when an oxygen tank exploded, severely damaging the Service Module that supplies the Command Module with water, electricity, and oxygen. Despite enduring great stress and hardship, the three American astronauts, with the help of NASA’s great minds on the ground, miraculously returned safely back to Earth. The mission was

  • Apollo 13 Research Papers

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    Launched on April 11, 1970 at 1:13 pm (central time) from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the Apollo space program. Apollo 13 was aborted two days after the launch because an oxygen tank exploded. In this mission, to explore space there was a brave crew of men who risked their lives to explore space for more undiscovered information. These men went out of this world not knowing if they would make it to space or back, anything could have happened. They

  • Informative Essay On Apollo 13

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    What they are not aware of, is that the quote originated during Apollo 13. People should appreciate the bravery and sacrifices these pilots made to venture into an unknown part of the galaxy where men had never set foot before. This mission inspired greatness among it's crew because many of the flight members had never been in space before, survived for 5 days in unstable conditions, and came home to a forever changed company. Apollo 13 was supposed to be a very trustworthy mission when it launched

  • Apollo 13 Failure Essay

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    Apollo 13 was a successful failure. This is because the astronauts had to duck a mission to overcome the obstacles they faced. Apollo 13 was a successful failure because it was a mission to the moon, with many challenges along the way, as well as surviving the free fall back to earth, safely. In the beginning, Apollo 13 and it’s three astronauts had a mission to go to the moon so that they could sample moon dust. They launched the rocket and were on their way. Everything was going as planned, and

  • Apollo 13 Compare And Contrast

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    To undertake a mission is to finish or complete a mission in however you do it. The pilots of Apollo 13 were determined to get home safely while Ernesto was determined to fit in, But not forget who he really was. Despite their differences in the end they both achieved their goals by never giving up, and being courageous. Ernesto went to a new school and wanted to fit in, but not forget who he really was. Despite the fact he came from Mexico, he wanted to be like the other kids and be able to speak

  • Apollo 13 Research Paper

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    The Apollo 13 started in 1961. This research paper will be about Apollo 13.When the Apollo missions officially started and there were three men that were on the spacecraft and what their names will be introduced throughout the research paper. Also who planned to put the men on the Moon. Another thing that I will be doing is discussing a little bit more information, facts  on the Apollo 13. When John F. Kennedy had said that the U.S. would put man on the Moon. He was the man who planned to put the

  • How Is Apollo 13 Historically Accurate

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    Is Apollo 13 historically accurate? Apollo 13 was made in 1995. The movie was based on the real-life space mission of Apollo 13. It was directed by Ron Howard. The main characters of the film were played by Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, and Kevin Bacon. Each of them played the main astronauts in the film: Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert. Apollo 13 was a space aircraft that was supposed to land in the Fra Mauro area of the moon. Due to an explosion, it ended up circling around the moon. The crew

  • How Is Apollo 13 Historically Accurate

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    Apollo 13 is an award winning movie starring Tom Hanks and Kevin bacon that was release in June 1995. As a historical movie, many people like to think that just because it’s based on a past event the movie is granted unquestioned accuracy. Well, Apollo 13 is actually very historically accurate in its events and the setting, both outside of Earth and on Earth, but it does have a few inaccuracies in portraying the characters but were put in to make the film more interesting than the actual Apollo mission

  • What Was Apollo 13 Failure

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    The introduction into the space program took ahold of the world throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. With Apollo 11 making it to the moon, anything seemed possible. Although following missions made going to the moon seem routine, Apollo 13 was named the successful failure. Even with everything that went wrong, the teamwork and the leadership used to finish the mission ultimately got the pilots home safely. The program was the third planned to land men on the moon and the seventh manned mission to space

  • Why The Apollo 13 Failed Mission

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    Did you know the Apollo 13 was a ‘’successful failing’’ mission? I’ll explain 3 reasons why it is a successful but failing mission. Apollo 13 was one of NASA’s many missions to the moon, the three astronauts that were on the mission faced many challenges, but they came home safely. To begin, the Apollo 13 mission was one of NASA”s many missions to the moon. The year is 1970, and the Apollo 13 mission is about to start. NASA only picked the smartest and and the most athletic.They picked Jim Lovell

  • Similarities Between Odyssey And Apollo 13

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    Comparing Odyssey to Apollo 13 In Apollo 13 and Homer’s Odyssey, problems occur as the men try to return home. During the Apollo 13 mission, there were many struggles that occurred as the men tried to journey to the moon. The major conflict that arises only a few days into the mission was the explosion of the gas tanks which plummeted their oxygen supply into outer space. Just as the gas tanks caused a great difficulty almost halting the men’s trip home, Odysseus also faces a huge problem that