Why The Apollo 13 Failed Mission

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Did you know the Apollo 13 was a ‘’successful failing’’ mission? I’ll explain 3 reasons why it is a successful but failing mission. Apollo 13 was one of NASA’s many missions to the moon, the three astronauts that were on the mission faced many challenges, but they came home safely.
To begin, the Apollo 13 mission was one of NASA”s many missions to the moon. The year is 1970, and the Apollo 13 mission is about to start. NASA only picked the smartest and and the most athletic.They picked Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert for this mission.The launch to the moon was not a comfy ride.’’ It streaked through the sky at 24,000 mph-14 times the speed of a bullet.’’[p.9] The Apollo 13 mission was a mission to the moon to collect ‘’other worldly’’

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