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  • Essay On Neil Armstrong

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    Neil Armstrong plays an important role within the United States history. Armstrong was the first man to step foot onto the moon. Armstrong helped create many different types of aircrafts that helped modernize aircrafts today. Armstrong was a well known engineer in his day. Without Armstrong things in the world maybe different. Although people know Neil Armstrong for taking the first steps on the moon, he also played a large role in the development of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • Neil Armstrong: A Hero

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    good job other than no name of the young people doing this website. You may just know Neil Alden Armstrong as the first man on the moon. Well... he was, but he was also much more than just that one man. He was a hero, and a very important man on that point. He was an Eagle Scout, and was recognized easily by all scouts in his later years as an astronaut. But that is definitely not all for Neil... Neil Armstrong was a war hero as well, flying 78 combat missions, while in the Korean War, and earning

  • Neil Armstrong Achievements

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    “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind,” were Neil Armstrong’s words as he stepped onto the lunar surface of the moon. His sentence had signalled that landing two men on the moon was complete. But who is Neil Armstrong? Neil Armstrong is the pilot of Apollo 11 and astronaut, and had also marked a great moment in history. Armstrong started moving on with life by serving in the navy, joining the astronaut program at NASA, and then becoming one of the pilots to Apollo 11. Neil’s

  • Neil Armstrong Accomplishments

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    Neil Armstrong’s bravery has helped him to be one of the only people to be on the moon and because of that he has inspired many people to follow in his footsteps. Neil is a hero to many people, was an excellent pilot, and he so excellent that he was not only the first person to have ever to successfully land a spacecraft on the moon; he also walked on the moon. (Gregory, Jim) Neil Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930 in an area near Wapakoneta, Ohio. Armstrong was the eldest of three children. His

  • Neil Armstrong Contributions

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    Significance to Theme: Neil Armstrong was the person to ever walk on something other than Earth. He explored a place people only dreamed of seeing up close, let alone touch. As the human race moves throughout the stars, everyone will think back to the first man who accomplished this feat. Influence on History: Neil Armstrong made many contributions to society and his country. His legacy will be remembered throughout all of history, being the first man to walk on the moon. His country was given a

  • Who Is Neil Armstrong A Hero

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    Neil A. Armstrong “That 's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The ever so famous Neil A. Armstrong mesmerised americans with those words along with created history. This man was the first person on the moon, he went on the Apollo 11 along with Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael collins, though only Buzz and Neil went on the moon. Neil A. Armstrong is a hero because of his braveness, inspirational and adventurous spirit. He is brave because he went to a uninhabitable place where

  • Neil Armstrong: A True Hero

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    astronaut Neil Armstrong will forever earn him the title of hero. A hero is someone who is “willing to take a personal sacrifice for the benefit of others” (Lickerman). Neil Aiden Armstrong was born on August 5”1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio and by the age of sixteen, he was a licensed pilot. He went on th join the Navy, serve In the Korean War and eventually became a research pilot for NASA. However, some may feel that Armstrong was just a pawn in the US/USSR space race. Neil Armstrong should be

  • Neil Armstrong: The Greatest American

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    personally think Neil Armstrong is the greatest American. Neil Armstrong was born on August 5th ,1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. He was the oldest of three children and was interested in outer space at a young age. At the age of 16 Armstrong earned his student pilot’s license. Than he began his studies in aeronautical engineering at Purdue University on U.S. Navy scholarship in 1947. Later on Armstrong went to join NASA. Neil loved flying things from the time he was young. Neil Armstrong is the greatest

  • Epic Hero: Neil Armstrong As A National Hero

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    beginnings of his birth in the year 1930 that Neil Armstrong would go on to become a national icon. In 1969, Neil Armstrong changed humanity’s view of the possible and the impossible. Armstrong’s footsteps on the surface of the moon and the proclamation “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” awakened the belief that the impossible could indeed become possible. While Traveling across a vast setting, and becoming a national hero, Neil Armstrong remained as humble as the farmhouse into

  • Why Did Neil Armstrong Change The World

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    and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.” Neil Armstrong answered his own quote by becoming the first person to land the moon and help advance space exploration. For this reason, Neil Armstrong is the most influential person of all time. He is influential for many reasons, some being how machines for space exploration are built, also because of his many achievements and accomplishments, and for how his life story. Neil Armstrong has become a very influential person because he made a

  • Neil Armstrong's Accomplishments

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    Known for his earth-shattering accomplishment for being the first man to walk on the moon decades ago, American astronaut Neil Armstrong still is a symbolic individual in our nation today. In addition to his success as an astronaut, Armstrong is also known as a test pilot, naval aviator, and an aerospace engineering professor in the University of Cincinnati. Before Armstrong became an astronaut, he served in the Korean War as a U.S. Navy officer. As an astronaut, he was known to partake in multifarious

  • First Moon Landing Persuasive Speech

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    Magic: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These were the words that Neil Armstrong declared when he stepped down from the Apollo 11 spacecraft onto the moon’s surface. A human walking on the moon is no small feat. It would’ve cost more than 100 billion dollars today. The journey itself took a hundred thousand engineers, technicians, and scientists, and even then, they were problems. This 8-day event is a huge marker in history. And so today, my group members and I will give

  • History Of Moon Landing Essay

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    to prove us wrong but we are right. That moment was when the Apollo 11 touched lunar surface. this moon landing changed the worlds out look on outerspace now we know more than ever. “ Thats one small step for man one giant leap for mankind .”- neil armstrong In 102 hours 45 minutes and 43 seconds for NASA’s dream came true. 1After the launch it took that long before landing on the lunar surface. The moment they landed was one of the biggest moments in astronomical history. July 20 1969 was the

  • Neil Armstrong's Heroic Hero

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    on the moon.Neil Armstrong is influntial because of his heroic acts,of his legacy,and his Admirable Charcter traits.Neil Armstrong is influential because of his heroic acts, of his Legacy, and his Admirable character traits. Neil Armstrong is courageous because Of his Giant leap for mankind, also for his military pilot experiences, and his emergency landing with the Apollo 11.According to(Neil Armstrong’s most courageous moments) Just four days after the X-15 incident, Armstrong found himself in

  • Apollo 11 Research Paper

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    Apollo 11 Nearly 600 million people heard Neil Armstrong say, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” as he made history on July 24, 1969. ( The Apollo 11 Mission is recognized all over the world and is remembered as one of mankind’s greatest achievements. It required meticulous planning, hard training, and extreme precision. Even the rocket was innovative and brought humanity to greater heights than ever before. The Apollo 11 Mission 's effects will never be forgotten

  • Apollo 11 Moon Analysis

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    leadership of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin, the Apollo 11 mission defined one of the most important acheivements of early astronuatics in the Apollo space program. The initial stage of the mission involved being launched from the Kennedy Space Center by a Saturn V rocket. This rocket had three major parts involved in the space mission, which included a command module, service module, and lunar module that carried the three astronauts into space after the launch.

  • Essay On American Moon Landing Conspiracy

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    thing I found is that if Neil Armstrong was really the first person to land on the moon, then who filmed him getting off the lander from outside the lander? If he were to be filmed, I would expect it to be from the inside the lander. Next, It was said that the astronauts that went to the moon trained for the gravity for the moon in a fake environment, so could the whole have been filmed from that very place? This also supports the other fact that I gave about Neil Armstrong being filmed getting on

  • Apollo 11 Achievements

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    “most historic phone call ever made from the White House”. There was a plaque on the lunar landing vehicle that was signed by Neil Armstrong, President Nixon, Michael Collins, and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. The plaque had a map of the Earth and said “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon. July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind”. Aldrin and Armstrong docked back and rejoined Collins at 5:35 p.m. On July 22, at 12:56 a.m, Apollo 11 began its journey back. On July 24, 12:50 p

  • The Moon Landing Effects

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    The overview effect. A cognitive shift in awareness of human and planet life experienced by astronauts and cosmonauts once they enter cosmic space. July 20, 1969. That day, unlike others, was an important moment in American History. Across the nation and globe, the population stood still as the Apollo 11 moon landing took place live on their television screens and radio inputs. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," became the immortal words of the century. The moon landing was

  • How Did The Apollo 11 Impact The World

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    On July 20, 1969 the Unites States were the first ones on the planet to successfully land on the moon Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, and Michael Collins were the astronauts involved. Neil Armstrong was the Command Pilot and the Commander of the mission he also was the first man to walk on the moon. Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin was a Pilot and the Lunar Module Pilot. Michael Collins was a Pilot and the Command Module Pilot. The primary mission for the Apollo 11 Mission was to successfully land on the