Neil Armstrong Contributions

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Significance to Theme:
Neil Armstrong was the person to ever walk on something other than Earth. He explored a place people only dreamed of seeing up close, let alone touch. As the human race moves throughout the stars, everyone will think back to the first man who accomplished this feat.
Influence on History:
Neil Armstrong made many contributions to society and his country. His legacy will be remembered throughout all of history, being the first man to walk on the moon. His country was given a boom of curiosity for space exploration.

Personal Life
Neil Armstrong was born on August 5 1930 in Wapakoneta Ohio. He was the eldest of three children. By the age of six Armstrong was already intrigued by airplanes, and he went on to take his first ride in one 10 years later when he got his pilot license. He was very serious about being a pilot, as he built a wind tunnel (a tunnel through which air is forced at controlled speeds to study the effects of its flow) in his basement in order to test model planes that he had created out. He started with flying lessons at the age of fourteen. But young Armstrong wasn 't only fascinated by airplanes at this age, he was also interested in outer space, a curiosity fueled by his neighbor and friend who possessed a powerful telescope. Using this Armstrong was able to see the stars and the moons, and dream of one day going up into space, a dream that would later be achieved.

Neil Armstrong was an astronaut, pilot, aerospace

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