Lyndon B. Johnson's Impact On Civil Rights

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Introduction “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”(“LBJ Quotes.”). Johnson was a man who didn 't focus on the past but spent his life to make the future better. He didn 't want power for himself but to empower the people that were poor and discriminated. Lyndon B. Johnson was a great leader and person who grew through all his struggles, and left a lasting positive impact on civil rights in this country. Biographical Information Lyndon B. Johnson grew up in a tough time for America. There was world war I, segregation, and discrimination against women. His parents were Texas pioneers. He was born on August 27, 1908 in Texas. Johnson was the oldest of five. He had three sisters and one brother. When Johnson was a toddler, he was restless and would wander away. He did not like to play with kids his age, so all his friends were older than him. He always loved …show more content…

Struggle and Growth One of Johnson’s struggles was being broke and homesick when he was train hopping to California. This made him think that his parents were right about him going to college ("Lyndon B. Johnson"). Johnson then attended Southwest Texas State Teachers College. Johnson had to leave college because of financial problems. He went to Cotulla Texas and taught poor children. Living with such a poor community gave him a new awareness of people 's hardships. Which made him who he was, a great, kind person, and president. When he got enough money he went back to college and donated stuff to the kids in Cotulla. When Johnson was pushing the Civil Rights bill of 1964, which ended segregation and employment discrimination based of race, sex, and religion he had a lot of obstacles (United States Senate). The biggest obstacle he had was the sixty day filibuster. Up until then for the civil rights bill the Senate had never gotten enough votes to end a filibuster. Only five times in the history of the cloture had the Senate agreed to cloture for anything (United States

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