My Philosophy Of Leadership Essay

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1. My philosophy of leadership is about collaboration and teamwork. Respecting and treating everyone the same, is key to supporting a good team atmosphere. I believe when a leader puts effort and care into assisting others, then their peers and followers will naturally want to support them. It is also important for a leader to recognize, that advocacy must never become so important that the critical elements of leadership are neglected (e.g. policy enforcement, command support, etc...). Carrying out leadership skills that uphold the standards is also being a good advocate. Finally, leadership is a full-time responsibility in which we must continue to Listen, Learn, and Lead. 2. The Chiefs I have served with are the names of shipmates I find …show more content…

Through experience we develop and hone our leadership proficiency. I will set goals in the following three areas, to continue my growth and serve our team as a leader in the organization. 1. Leaders inspire commitment, and know they cannot command it. I will describe a compelling image of what our future could be like. To promote a team effort, I will appeal for others to share their visions and exciting dreams of the future. 2. I will experiment and take risks, even when there is a chance of failure. Feedback is very important to leadership growth and for change to take place. I will ask what can we learn, when things don’t go as expected. Then communicate to the team to maintain a positive climate and learn from any mistakes. 3. I will give members of the team appreciation and support for their contributions. As a leader, I will inspire others with courage and hope by finding ways to celebrate accomplishments. 4. I believe leadership is a relationship. The relationship with supervisors, subordinates, and peers is an ongoing process that takes practice to become a better leader. Along with practice we must re-evaluate our leadership philosophy throughout our careers. Upon my own re-evaluation I am renewing my aspiration and commitment to our team. I expect to focus on listening to everyone for their value added to the team, learning from all of our experiences, then lead by challenging the process and promoting a common

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