Reflective Essay On Leadership And Management

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Introduction- The leadership and management are two important pillars of modern day business. “You manage things; you lead people” Grace Hopper (retired Admiral, U.S. Navy). On one hand managers, not only motivate people but they also set the course of direction and organize to achieve the targets. The managers specialize in setting a positive bench- mark around the boundaries for their teams and also individuals.. On the other hand leaders have well defined objectives and they lead the teams to achieve those objectives. Leaders not set up goals but also have to lead the teams in new directions. lead their teams to achieve objectives. Leaders should have a vision, mission and ability to lead their teams from the front. The leaders have to …show more content…

• Team Leadership & Delegation- As a leader, I identify strengths and weaknesses of my team members and uses information to maximize use of their skills as a team to perform, Creates and engenders a disciplined environment ensuring project goal, corporate vision. • Effective Client & Internal Management- I mentor my team members in methods of managing clients on any direct communication, including managing resistance and hostility, gaining trust. • Managing in a matrix organization- As a leader, I manage needs, expectations, motivations and competing priorities to achieve clinical delivery within the company matrix structure. • Building Relationships – Building strong relationships and ensuring the team is well balanced. • Business and Financial Acumen- I Offer trainings and support to colleagues showing importance of accurate forecasting, study budgets and contractual obligations, I plan to work as a subject matter expert in project financials to help the team, Proactive in identifying project risks and communicating potential financial

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