Personal Reflection On Leadership

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Individual Reflective Paper Introduction Leadership, a controversial concept, has been studied for centuries. Scholars who study leadership have argued with the insight of leadership for many decades and finally promote a wide range of understandings of it. This course “values and leadership” introduces the basic principles and concepts about leadership, and provides us with some conceptual knowledge and practical approaches to be an outstanding leaders. I chose to take this course because I am interested in the topic about leadership. Most importantly, since the contents of this course are largely different from what I have learned in my major courses. I regard this as a rare opportunity for me to take on some new challenges, and I would like to take a chance to develop my leadership skills. Before attending this course, “leadership” is a word quite far away from me, and I only have some basic understandings of it. And I found out that most of my thoughts I had about leadership are very different from what it really is. In fact, leadership is an art rather than a science. The process of learning leadership is a hand-on experience, which focuses on practice instead of concepts itself. This course provides me a chance to gain more insight about leadership and it helps me develop my new image of leadership. Meanwhile, I also use the theories in our textbook as a framework for self-assessment of my leadership skills and try to develop my own leadership style during the

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