Leadership Style In Project Management

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Project management is the emerging concept that is being utilised in a number of organisations. Project management ensures the success of the project and facilitates the managers to process the project in a proper sequential manner. For ensuring successful implementation of project management, leadership plays an integral role. Through right styles and traits of leadership stakeholders of the project get the sense of successful execution of the project.
Qualitative research style was adopted for the purpose of this study. Secondary data was collected to examine and to analyse the impact of project management and the leadership style on the successful completion of the project. The study reveals that by adopting right leadership style and integrating …show more content…

The term leadership can imply different things for different people. Leadership is found in existence in different aspects of business organisations, politics, religion, volunteer groups, and education. It can be defined as the position of a leader with the ability to lead or the actions important for driving organisations in specific directions. This aspect has defined the definition indicating the functionality without considering the real insights into the factors making the leader (Reichenpfader, et al., 2015). The definition is explicit on the aspects of influencing the foundations of leadership. This further differentiates with the influencing nature along with the purpose of leadership separating this concept from the management. The concept of leadership further acknowledges the nature of the relationship between leader and followers in such a way that they do not exist without one another. In other words, the leadership is important with the influencing aspects of followers (Ayub, et al., …show more content…

This gap has highlighted the significance of this study to the profession of project management. The leadership is attracted due to the principal role of the project management within the organisation for maintaining the operations while sustaining the economic viability. The project management has focused on the features of effective project managers, role of project teams, and tools of project management in the professional domain. The influence of the organisational culture along with the possible influence on project management has not been considered in the implementation of projects. It is known that the project management is associated with the normative techniques along with the methods to plan and control projects. In other words, the field of project management is found to be the learning profession (Mir & Pinnington, 2014). Pemsel and Wiewiora (2013) provided that the project management can be reflected as the art and science of transforming visions into

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