Leadership Assumptions

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1. What are the standard assumptions you have about leadership/management
The goal of any organization is not only to survive, but also to sustain its existence by improving performance. In order to meet the needs of the highly competitive markets, organizations must continually increase performance, as a result role of leadership is critically important for achieving the performance of organizations. The word “leadership” has been used in various meaning of human. According to our group discussion in term of “leadership” in business world, leadership is not just the person who have the job title or higher range position in an organization but leader is the person who knows the way and ability to demonstrate the possible way to
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In the other words, the organization and follower does not need leader. They just need manager who order them what to do or they are able to manage their work by themselves. All those assumptions are the argument of our assumption, they are opposite way of three assumption of our group which also reasonable. Meaning this, follower can work without leader. If we want to research and falsify them, we would defined research question based on our three assumptions. Then create hypothesis which supported by literature review explained about leadership style such as, when you ask them that “When you need a leader?”, the respondents may answer like they may need when they face some problems or when they trust leader so, the coders have to support the literature review like ‘trust make you need leader’ then, code and summarize it to falsify the hypotheses at all. The qualitative research method could be apply to this study to answer to research question and imply about three assumptions. The qualitative research method is used to describe at the individual level, recording people attitude, in depth information, the way of people think or feel. We will select an organization and group of employees who have interaction…show more content…
If there is little agreement on the number of responses that fall into a given category, the definition of that category should be examined,discussed, and possibly revised. The degree of satisfaction we frame explains the value that interviewees want the leader. The researcher would know how much the rate they want leader and get the further information in depth from interview. The technique should be adapted by left the open-end answer to open the chance to express their opinions freedomly. The researcher could check or code by simply checking the nearest appropriate answer, then the codes are fed into
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