Essay On Unethical Leadership

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A leader is one of the main component of an organization. There is no organization without a leader. A leader is a person who have the power or authority to lead, guide, or command other individual, a team, or an organization. As an organization is a tool to achieve an objective, there is a need of a leader to lead everyone in the organization to achieve the objective.
Then to be a leader a person need what is called leadership. Leadership is interpret as a process. It is a process of social influence or we can say ability to influence others in order to accomplish a common task or achieving common objective. Leadership is a display of power and ability to control others, force superiority.
Every action and behavior of the leader
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Thus make being an ethical leader slightly harder than a normal ethical person. So, we must take a deep interest in this topic. Having to know the traits that describe ethical or unethical leadership will make us more careful in acting as a leader, or choosing someone as a leader. Of course we don’t want an unethical leadership or being an unethical leadership. Because the effects or consequences is not only on us, but to others, especially those who work under the…show more content…
He revealed that the relationship of these dimension and ethical leadership and the outcomes from it varies trough the dimensions. Fairness and power sharing are said to be having positive relation the employee’s behavior in the organization. Furthermore, it is founded that ethical leadership give positive impact to the leader effectiveness, employee effectiveness, satisfaction of the employee regarding the leader and increase the trust to their
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