Vladimir Putin's Leadership Analysis

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There are many different views and perceptions on leadership and what it exactly means. This is because there are many different types of leaders and many different views on them. But the basic meaning of leadership is an individual who can select the right group of followers and influence them through their distinct gifts, abilities, skills and knowledge. A leader focuses on the follower and puts out a roadmap to the overall mission and vision; hereby the follower is influenced to willingly and enthusiastically in achieving the mission and vision. The leader achieves this influence by humbly delivering a visionary perception of the future in clear terms that resonates with the follower in terms of their believes and values. Leaders have several …show more content…

One of the biggest reasons is that President Vladimir Putin understands the Russian citizens based on culture, values and norms. Hereby Vladimir Putin was a perfect role model as many Russian citizens he grew in a communist household and had a poor family. Many Russians see Vladimir Putin as their role model to achieve greater success, since he is the true definition of a self-made hard working man. Vladimir Putin portrays some characteristics of a participative leader since Russia is classified as a democracy although he new the Russian culture needed a strong leader that controlled the government through an authoritative leadership style. Vladimir Putin also displays the characteristics of a charismatic leadership, he has proved strong communication skills since he keeps on convincing the Russian citizens to believe in him and his vision for the country for 15 steady years. Vladimir Putin is known to be a very strategic and charismatic leader they call him a chameleon, changing to suit his environment that keeps up to date by developing himself for a greater …show more content…

Through his role model of a true leader and his great charisma he influenced the Russian citizens to contribute towards his vision of a greater Russia. Vladimir Putin is seen, as a strong leader with brilliant psychological skills that had the power and will to make the decisions and take crazy risks, which he thought, was right for Russian citizens. He was highly people oriented since he new the culture and came from the same background as many Russian individuals and he new what they exactly needed and wanted in a president. But on the contrary his management background helped him to direct and control the Russian citizens by coordinating and harmonizing them to accomplish a mutual goal that was based on their needs and wants. Vladimir Putin created strategies, policies based on the Russian culture, values and views. He new that in order to gain control and remain social stability he had to push these strategies and policies through a dictatorial and authoritative style by using his charisma, influence, formal authority and

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