How Did Vladimir Uylanov Contribute To The Russian Revolution

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Vladimir Uylanov brought the idea of communism to the Russian people, mainly the peasants. Vladimir got the peasants wanting a better life, a life where they were equal to everyone else. He also gave them the idea that they could do something to get the life they wanted, that they should fight for what they wanted. With Vladimir as their leader they began to organize a revolution. Vladimir Uylanov came from a middle class family. His dad was a bureaucrat and his mom came from a family of very noble, landowning family. Vladimir was a very difficult child and had a mean streak that stayed with him forever. He got good grades and finished high school. Soon afterwards, he started at university but was expelled almost immediately for taking part in a public demonstration against the tsar. Being expelled did nit stop Vladimir. He studied at home and earned a law degree. Vladimir had enough …show more content…

On December 20 the tsar’s police were out looking to arrest people who were breaking the law. The revolutionaries urged people to back against autocracy. They listened, the peasants made barricades. Homemade bombs went off, gunshots were fired everywhere. On December 31 the rebellion was over and more than 1000 people had died. Lenin went off to Finland to escape the police thinking he had just lost his only chance for revolution. Lenin was wrong, the more people heard about it the more they wanted it to work and soon the Russian revolution had officially begun. Lenin did a lot for the people of Russia; he started the revolution, the first step to give the peasants more freedom and a better life. We will never know what Russia would be now if Lenin wasn’t there, but for better of worse Lenin was the one to begin to change Russia into what it has become

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