How Did Lenin Use Propaganda During The Russian Revolution

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Communism, an ideology developed by Karl Marx, was a key component in the revolution of USSR. Marx envisioned a society where the lower and upper classes were equal in regards to property and rights. During the Russian Revolution, an extensive amount of propaganda was used to promote communism. Although propaganda was used in various forms, the posters made a huge impact in convincing the population of Soviet Union to support the communist cause. The posters contained several healthy messages about the effects of the revolution in Soviet Union. The propaganda posters used in USSR contained numerous propaganda techniques to motivate the russian society to support the communist principles. One of the posters used in the Russian Revolution depicts Vladimir Lenin guiding the way for the working class through communism. The poster itself is dominantly red-colored to ensue patriotism towards communism, since the communist flag is also red. The poster also contains an outline of Russia in the background. The background of the poster combined with Lenin pointing to the west suggests the industrialization of …show more content…

The poster depicted the revolution as a positive development for the workers. It conveyed the message that the Russian revolution led to an improved version of Russia, The USSR. The poster wanted to elicit positive feelings about communism. It showed that overthrowing the Tsars and the development of the USSR was the betterment of the population, thus promising better lives and future. The poster primarily uses plain folks propaganda technique since its showing the together the workers can help create a better Russia. Furthermore, the writing on the poster translates to “Let us bring in a rich harvest of new territory!”. The “us” in the slogan refers to the workers depicted in the poster, who promise better future through communism, unity between all social

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