Power Corrupt In Animal Farm

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Power. It is the world’s most dangerous asset anyone can hold on to. It can be used for prosperity or for a complete destruction depending on the person. As the famous Lord Acton 's quote says, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Animal Farm stands for the best example that can display this matter in a clearer and funnier version. It portrays the 1917 Russian Revolution atmosphere with the replacement of Russia into Animal Farm. The characters also did not fail to resemble the real people involved in the revolution. Power leads to greed, used to take advantage and manipulate. A person with absolute power tends to choose greediness after a certain time period, despite having followed a wise person’s vision and …show more content…

The greed of power will always blind the leader’s judgment. Napoleon was not excluded in this matter as he often takes advantages knowing that the animals cannot read or write. Although there are many examples to support this fact, but one stands out the most, Boxer’s ending. As can be seen throughout the story, Boxer is the one who worked hard for that farm’s welfare from the beginning to the end. His never-failing cry of ‘I will work harder’ often inspired the rest of animals to work hard despite facing failures such as destruction of the windmill for the second time. He worked hard until the day he falls due to lung failure. Instead of treating him, Napoleon sent Boxer to horse slaughter house and lied to the animals that Boxer died in the hospital and even ended his speech with a reminder of Boxer’s two favourite maxims, ’I will work harder’ and’ Comrade Napoleon is always right’. This is what happens to the most faithful animal in the Animal Farm due to Napoleon’s cool-blooded judgment as he could not have any form of benefits from dying Boxer. In the end, the name ‘Animal Farm’ was abolished and changed to ‘Manor Farm’, the original name by Napoleon. Napoleon and his pigs also join arms with the humans who were believed to be the animal’s enemy in the beginning by Old Major and the

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