Boxers Great Leadership In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Boxers Great Leadership “People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads and the boss drives” (Theodore Roosevelt). Animal Farm by George Orwell is a book based on the Revolutionary War. Where animals on Manor farm are tired of getting mistreated and decide to take over. One of the main Characters Napoleon ends up being the leader of the farm and controlling all the animals. Boxer one of the horses on the animal farm worships Napoleon and sets good examples for the other animals by working hard and being a good leader. Boxer represents the labor of the working class from the revolutionary war. Boxer contributes to a good leader in many ways such as when Napoleon is mean and does wrong Boxer is still on his side. When harsh weather conditions would strike Boxer would still be determined to get work done. He encouraged the other animals with his strength and inspirational words “I will work harder!” (Orwell 74). Boxer is a much different worker than the other animals on the farm because he motivates the other animals to keep going and not run off. He is determined and loyal when it comes to comrade Napoleon and the work on the farm. …show more content…

Whenever the other animals start to doubt Napoleon, Boxer reassures them that “If comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right” (Orwell 82). Boxer and the other animals on the farm get mistreated in many ways such as, Napoleon takes away their food rations while the pigs and dogs get a large amounts of food and better living conditions. If Boxer wasn't on the farm the book would be different in many ways because the animals would have probably turned against Napoleon by now. The animals wouldn't have anyone to look up to or have to encourage

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