Essay On Napoleon In Animal Farm

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In Animals Farm, there is a pig who’s name Napoleon. This character did not contributed to the society with his actions. In effect, he did not respect the concept of “Animalism” which is the equality of all the animals. He did many actions that broke this conception during the entire story. At the beginning, Napoleon, take the farm with Snowball when the farmer, Mr. Jones, left. He left after the revolution of the animals that Old Major begin. When he died, they begin the rebellion. When the farm was now for the animals, the pigs took the control of it. Napoleon begin to be in competition with Snowball, because he had a lot of idea, others liked him and he was the pig that decided the most. During a night, Snowball disappeared and Napoleon pretend that he was a spy of Mr. …show more content…

Only puppies and pigs can live in the house, sleep in the bed, eat apples and cookies and have all of the best things. As the history is developing, Napoleon is getting more and more like a dicator. He slowly begin to being superior but did not act like a dictator. Moreover, he broke some rules, he’s in contact with humans, and he had hours of works, and he killed aniamsl, and change the only commandment for “4 legs good, 2 legs better”. He also think that “Every animals are equal, but some are more equal then others.” And it’s getting worse when he selled boxer to a slaughterer to have money for buying more alcohol, even if all of the barley is already reserve to the pigs. He begin to act like a human, meet them, smoke, drink alcohol and wear clothes. To show that all of the goal of the first rebellion never continue that way, they change the song Beast of England and the name of the farm for “Manor farm”. Napoleon didn’t do what the revolution had wanted. The animals follow him, respect him even if they didn’t have to. He transform the farm in his country to be his dictator and have all of the previlieges that others didn’t

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