Examples Of Human Nature In Animal Farm

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What would you do if you were given absolute control over a nation- Make it a place people will be happy to call home or strip the land to support yourself? The allegorical story Animal Farm (1944) by George Orwell, written at a time of great social change and totalitarianism ideas, explores the idea of human nature and also the positive and negative ways it can be expressed through people. Two characters that reveal some truth about human nature and existence are Napoleon, the manipulative pig, and Boxer, the naïve horse. Napoleon and Boxer are polar opposite examples within the spectrum of human nature. the former showing …and the latter… (just short summaries of your overall points here. Napoleon is a great example of how evil and cruel …show more content…

Furthermore, Napoleon gives the other animals the impression he was the sole leader of the rebellion on Animal farm and makes Snowball -a leader who wanted what was best for the animals- seem like an enemy who was in cahoots with Farmer Jones since long before the animals took over the farm. Napoleon and Squealer (another “fat cat” pig.) always put the blame on Snowball whenever something went wrong in the farm to avoid having the blame fall on them. Napoleon is an exemplary example of just how selfish and hypocritical people can be in furthering their own aims because he continued to subtly but purposely change the seven rules put in place as the pillars of animalism. For example, Napoleon and the other pigs move into Farmer Jones’s house and sleep in his bed after commanding “No animal shall sleep in a bed”, so he changes the commandment to read “no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets”.

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