How Does Napoleon Corrupt In Animal Farm

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When somebody receives incredible power, they also receive a large burden of responsibility. Some people, such as Napoleon, disregard these responsibilities and become corrupt. In reality, we have seen this in leaders such as Stalin, who became corrupt once into power. In “Animal Farm”, Napoleon, a totalitarian pig, is a great example of how too much power is equal to corruption. Throughout the story, Napoleon becomes more and more corrupt. In chapter 9 of the story, Napoleon wins the presidential election. However, “...There was only one candidate, Napoleon, who was elected unanimously.” This shows how Napoleon is a totalitarian. There was nobody else that was resistant to him, so he used that against the people to win and go into total power. This also starts to corrupt Napoleon's mind to a larger extent. He eventually becomes so corrupt that he can not tell what's good or bad. …show more content…

The animals start recognizing Napoleon for any good achievement done that day. For example, one of the hens recognizes Napoleon for just one stroke of good fortune. “Under the leadership of our Leader Comrade Napoleon, I have laid five eggs in six days…”(78). These poor animals are tricked into thinking that everything good that happens is due to “Comrade Napoleon's Leadership”. Every quote we see is a deeper level of corruption in Napoleon, and now, his influence on the farm is tearing what the revolution was all about. Freedom and prosperity, but instead, has now become “ Napoleon is always

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