How Is Napoleon Similar To Joseph Stalin Animal Farm

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Napoleon who was in control in Animal farm is similar to Joseph Stalin. One similarity between Napoleon and Stalin is they would eliminate anyone who would disagree with them or rebel against their rules. In the book Animal Farm Napoleon gets rid of Snowball because they didn't agree on what to do for the farm and he was worried all the animals would side with Snowballs ideas not Napoleons. In the book it states, “They dashed straight for Snowball, who only sprang from his place just in time to escape their snapping jaws,” (Orwell 53). This shows that napoleon felt threatened by Snowball and was worried he would take over the farm so he used his dogs to try to kill Snowball so Napoleon could have no choice but to rule the farm. Like Napoleon, Stalin would get rid of anyone who would rebel against his rules or disagree with what he was doing...According to the article "Stalin Banishes Trotsky" by the Editors of, “He ordered someone to kill Trotsky.” This evidence …show more content…

In the book Animal Farm Napoleon had a group of dogs that would follow Napoleon's orders. “Silent and terrified the animals crept back into the barn,” (Orwell 53). This quote shows that after Napoleon's dogs chased away Snowball and tried to kill him because he disagreed with Napoleon that the animals were scared to disagree with what Napoleon was doing as a leader. This was also the case for what Stalin did except he had a force of people called the KGB… According to the article Relating Animal Farm to History: KBG vs Napoleon's Dogs, “The KGB eliminated rebellions and anti-USSR groups.” This quote show that like Napoleon's secret police of dogs would kill anyone who a threat to napoleon or disagreed with what he was doing would get kill just like the KGB would kill anyone who was against how stalin was ruling and people who disobeyed the

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