How Does Napoleon Stay In Power In Animal Farm

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Don’t be the enemy. Now that Napoleon is in charge life is getting a whole lot worse because is has complete power of Animal Farm. Napoleon from Animal Farm written by Orwell maintains control by using ideology, propaganda, and fear. Napoleon uses ideology of Animalism to give him more control over the animals. One way he does this is by, using propaganda by making the sheep walking around say one of the seven amendments which were, “Four legs good, two legs bad’!” (Doc A, Chapter 2-3) This helps Napoleon stay in power because Napoleon created the statement and the sheep keep saying it, so the other animals will think that Napoleon should stay in power because he has good ideas. Another way Napoleon uses ideology to stay in power is by the fifth commandment. One way he does this is by making the animals follow the fifth commandment which is, “No animal shall …show more content…

One way he does this by using the pups to bark and growl at the animals. This helps Napoleon stay in power because if the animals are scared, they know that they should not to mess Napoleon. This helps Napoleon because it makes the animals afraid to argue and talk to him about leading all of the animals and staying in control. Another reason how Napoleon stays in power is my scaring the animals by telling them, “Jones would come back!” (Doc C, Chapter 3) This helps Napoleon to stay in power because the animals are thinking if they listen to him then Jones will not come back. The animals are scared of Jones because he was not feeding them so they really don’t want him to come back. That is how Napoleon cast fear over the animals so he can stay in power. When Napoleon from Orwell's Animal Farm uses ideology, propaganda, and fear, he will stay in control for a very long time. When he is in control, the animal's don’t want to become the enemy because he has more power than them, so he will start to control all the

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