Vladimir Lenin's Animal Farm And The Russian Revolution

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The book Animal Farm is an allegory which corresponds to the Russian Revolution. In the book, the animals take over the farm and run the humans off of the property. They are tired of being treated cruelly and decide to take things into their own matters. This is where “war” between animal and man start. The Russian Revolution had much in common with this but also has its differences. During the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin was obligated for changing Russia into the Soviet Union just as old Major tried to change Manor Farm into Animal Farm. Events and animals in the book are parallel to the events and people in the Russian Revolution.
Animal Farm, which was originally named Manor Farm, is ran by Mr. Jones until the animals take charge. Mr. Jones takes poor care of the animals such as refusing to feed them. The animals decide to rebel against him and take charge of the farm. The Battle of Cowshed starts when the humans led an attack on the animals to take back authority of the farm. The animals defeat him once again and take Mr. Jones’s deserted gun as a trophy for their victory. The battle is parallelism for the British Invasion of Russia. The British tried to eliminate …show more content…

Jones can be referred to Czar Nicholas II because they both were the antagonists, the enemies of the stories. Czar Nicholas II thrived in riches while hundreds of unemployed peasants struggled to survive (animalfarmmichilo103.weebly.com). In comparison, Mr. Jones did not feed the animals, milk the cows, lay the eggs, nor care for the animals in any way. Both Mr. Jones and Czar can be seen as evil, cruel, selfish humans who see pleasure in others suffering. In addition, Mr. Jones was first described as being an alcoholic, therefore making him unable to rule a farm. Similarly, Czar Nicholas II was an unfit ruler since he was never properly taught how to rule. Due to both of their inability to rule, it resulted in the animals and people being neglected and forgotten

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