Boxer, Clover In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Boxer, Clover, and Mollie are horses that represents the working class. Boxer portrays the proletariat workers because they are unskilled laborers. He is a cart-horse who has incredible strength, dedication, and loyalty towards Animal Farm. Boxer is not the most intelligent animal on the farm, but without him, nothing on the farm would be accomplished. Clover is a female cart-horse who is a friend of Boxer’s and she represents the female proletariat workers. She suspects the pigs violating the Seven Commandments because she sees them changing them, but she would always blame herself for misremembering the commandments.Clover does not know how to read or write which is why she always ask Old Benjamin to interpret the words for her. Mollie is …show more content…

Jones. He jabbers about SugarCandy Mountain, which is a reference to Heaven. He symbolizes the Russian Orthodox Church because for centuries, the Russian Orthodox Church was connected with the Russian monarchy, the Czars, but when the Bolsheviks took over in 1917, they declared that the church and state would be separate; which is why Moses disappears for many years. Old Benjamin is a wise and careless elderly donkey who believes that no matter who is in charge, life will remain unpleasant. He symbolizes the older generation, the critics of any new rebellion because he could care less about Napoleon and Animal Farm and so can the older generation. Mr. Jones is often an indigent drunk farmer who owns the Manor Farm, now called Animal Farm. He is depicted as Czar Nicholas II, the last of the Czars, as both were unpopular leaders who had no connections or intentions of ruling their country or farm. According to Shmoop, Nicholas II got Russia involved in World War I and could not manage to handle the situation, therefore, causing a strike to happen in 1917. Eventually, him, his wife, and children left to Ekaterinburg, and the Bolsheviks took over, whereas Jones comes back drunk from Red Lion pub, and forgets to feed the animals where he tries to whip the animals into submission but it does not work. Both Jones and Nicholas II were unpopular leaders which caused them to leave from their

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