Manipulation In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Manipulation is the most deceitful way for us to achieve the things we desire the most. Throughout George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, language and the use of persuasive language lead to the accumulation of power. Language and the disappearance of Mr.Jones is where Napoleon dictatorship is made possible. The powerful rhetorical and their smart manipulations skills of language for any situation was what controlled the farm of its entirety. Pigs manipulated the Seven Commandments,Napoleon dictating, and the deceitful lies told by the Pigs were all methods for them to gain more power. After the rebellion on Manor Farm and the exile of Mr.Jones the animals established seven guidelines in which to govern themselves by, known as the …show more content…

They often disagreed on many issues involving the farm until Napoleon expelled Snowball from the farm.However even after the expulsion of Snowball, with the use of persuasive language the pigs still find a way to blame him for any misfortune the farm may encounter. To begin, the pigs blame Snowball for destroying the windmill in which the animals worked soo long to build. “Comrades," he said quietly, ‘do you know who is responsible for this? Do you know the enemy who has come in the night and overthrown our windmill? SNOWBALL! He suddenly roared in a voice of thunder" (47). It was clear that Napoleon wanted to hide the fact that he himself was guilty; however the pigs and him were able to persuade the animals. Next, the pigs convince the animals that their terrible crop season is because of Snowball. “The wheat crop was full of weeds, and Squealer had somehow discovered that on one of his nocturnal visits Snowball has mixed weed seeds with the seed corn." (Orwell,65). In reality the farm is suffering from chaos and the corruption of the pigs hording profits for alcohol, which resulted in no wheat seeds being bought. Instead of explaining this otherwise selfish behavior to the other animals, the pigs convince them that their “perfect" harvest was being deliberately afflicted by Snowball. To protect their own interests in money and power, the pigs misinform the

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