Eulogy For Boxer

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Sorrow fills everyone’s hearts today and the saddened atmosphere also laments, crying all day long. Animals, our great comrade Boxer passed away. His long ordeal finally ended, he has closed the door of life and left us. Comrades, Boxer worked in pain to finish the windmill. But despite his worsening illness, Boxer never grumbled nor asked for break, a rare virtue in any animal. Our great leader, Napoleon, sent him to the best hospital, but it was too late to save his life. Animals, let’s pray for Boxer, the greatest comrade we ever had.

Comrades, long time passed but I could still remember the braveness of Boxer in the battle of Cowshed. He alone fought against dozen humans and overpowered every single one of them under the instruction of our leader, Napoleon. Without his power and bravery animal farm may have stayed as a virtual plan and majority of us may have been slaughtered to death. All our luxury and comfort is the result of Boxer’s bravery. Let us once again thank our proud comrade for his success and determination in the battle of Cowshed. …show more content…

Boxer was the first animal to wake up and the last animal to sleep. He worked day and night restlessly under the guidance of Napoleon. He was the greatest supporter of animal farm and Animalism, the ideology that runs the animal farm. However, he had to sacrifice his own animal right for the sake of animal farm and the better life of all of us. Also, he was loyal retainer of Napoleon. He never questioned nor doubted but only worked. He was a model for all of us. He was resolute to work and sacrifice to the society. He motivated every single one of

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