Lies And Deceit In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm- Lies and Deceit The book Animal Farm by George Orwell portrays the theme of how someone can lie and deceive others to get what they want just like how the two pigs Napoleon and Squealer used lies and deceit to gain power over Animal Farm. Napoleon lied to other animals, Squealer lied to other animals and they both deceived the other animals, but the sad part is that neither of them lied for the better of the other animals. They both lied to get what they want- power over the animals and the farm. Napoleon lied to the other animals in many different ways. One way he lied was by telling the other animals that he was going to send one of the horses on the farm, Boxer, to doctor to be treated for his sick lung. Napoleon made the other animals think that he was sending Boxer off to get better, but he was actually sending Boxer to a horse slaughterer to be killed. When Boxer was being loaded into the “ doctors” van one of the animals began to read what was on the side of the van. It read “ ‘ Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and glue boiler, Willingdon.’ ” (Orwell, 122). Napoleon started to loose control when the animals realized that Napoleon had lied to them. This is when Squealer steps in and lies the other animals to make it seem like Boxer really was taken to the doctor, and …show more content…

This time Squealer told a lie to the animals in the form of a story. Squealer began talking on the subject of Boxer and about how Napoleon would never send a fellow animal away be killed. He told the animals that Boxer was really taken away by the doctor, and that everything was just a misunderstanding. He tells the animals “ ‘ The van had been previously been the property of the knacker, and had been bought by the veterinary surgeon, who had not yet painted the old name out.’ ” Squealer lied to the animals and made them think the Boxer was on a road to recovery, when really he was in the process of being killed because

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