Summary Of Animal Farm Chapter 1-10

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Chapter 11

Once the animals found out about Napoleon’s betrayal to the animal race, the animals ran to the safest place they knew; the barn house. The animals knew that the world they had established under Napoleons rule was about to all come crumbling down all around them. In the time that the animals were able to fully collect themselves from the terrible news they had just discovered, an old friend of theirs found his way back to the farm. Once the old friend of the farm (whose name is still a burden to the animals) had returned to his old and almost forgotten home, he found it in ruin and chaos under his rivals rule. Snowball almost couldn’t believe that his beautiful and prosperous farm and home had been turned into a horrid and …show more content…

The animals that were in the barn let out a shocked and scared cry, which then caused Snowball to let out a cry of his own. The animals that could remember the farms beginning stages had a hard time of remembering anything for they had grown old and forgetful. Snowball had to come up with something fast because he did not know how long it would be before an animal yelled “intruder!” He started by saying what his name was and what he was doing at their farm. He not dare say his true name, for some might know it from lies spread by Napoleon and Squeaker. He stated his name was Hamilton and that he wasn’t there as an intruder, he was there to find shelter and safety. Hamilton (Snowball) was at the farm in front of the animals that he had to make believe he was an ally. Hamilton (Snowball) had convinced the animals that he was there to help. The animals were sure that this pig could be their saving grace. Once the animals of the farm and Snowball were both comfortable with the circumstances, Hamilton had to find a loyal group of people to fight alongside him for the battle for the farm. He set out to find the strongest and most loyal friends that he could possibly muster for his

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