Mammal Essays

  • The Platypus: The Complex Mammals

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    animal due to its rare traits, behaviors and the fact it has evolved little. Platypus is a semi-aquatic mammal meaning it can live on land and water. It is one of the few venomous mammals. It has an unusual appearance, duck billed, beaver tailed, otter- like fur, and webbed feet. It has aggressive behavior and do not like being touched whatsoever. Platypi and Echidnas are the only two mammals in the world classed as monotremes which means they lay eggs. The traits of a platypus is extremely unique

  • Adipose Tissue In Mammals

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    Swiss naturalist Conrad Gessner in 1551. When Conrad Gessner first discovered the tissue he described it as it was “neither fat, nor flesh – but something in between.” (Gessner K, 1551). There are two types of adipose tissue that are found in all mammals: • White adipose tissue (WAT) and • Brown adipose tissue (BAT). White fat tissue is the most well-known and all the more regularly known

  • Sloth Research Paper

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    The ecology of sloths When people hear “sloth” they usually think of a lazy mammal that does barely anything and isn’t that interesting, but they are wrong. Sloths are very interesting, they have many interactions with lots of different organisms. Sloths are arboreal{tree dwelling} mammals that live in the rainforest canopies of central and south America. A sloth’s diet consists of plants, when they are ready to defecate they go to the forest floor dig a hole and go, this sends the nutrients back

  • Essay On Marine Biology

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    life, the ocean, and its environment. I have learned that when being a marine biologist it takes lots of patience when observing your animals and also when doing test on marine mammals. In conclusion, Marine biology is an important part of all marine life.Marine biologist study and observe fish, dolphins, seals, and other mammals to help the people and also themselves to find new and efficient ways to help

  • Thesis Statement For Cloning Essay

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    In 1979 they produced the first mice that was genetically identical, they did it by splitting embryos of a mouse in a tube and then implanting it into an adult female mouse. In 1996 they finally cloned the first mammal from a cell taken away from and adult sheep, it took more than 276 attempts as I said previously. Artificial cloning has three different types and they all have an effect. Gene cloning is the first one, this produces copies of the organisms’ DNA

  • Meerkats Compare And Contrast

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    Suricatta, commonly known as Meerkats, are small mammals that belong to the mongoose family. They have adapted to live in a warm environments in order to survive. Meerkats are also an attraction in many zoos around the world. Meerkats in the wild differ from meerkats in captivity, however they do all have the same characteristics. Throughout this paper we will discuss the similarities to meerkats in the wild and meerkats in captivity. Meerkats are a mammal that has a large black nose, tiny black ears

  • Nonhuman Primates In Zoos

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    Millions of years ago, primates developed in a wild post-dinosaur world and have revolutionized into the undomesticated mammals found in the subtropical regions of preset-day Africa, Asia, and South America. Primates are mammals that are characterized by having nails on the hands and feet, a short snout, flexible first digits, and a large brain. Almost all nonhuman primate species can be found in zoos all over the world. The condition of nonhuman primates in zoos are important because the mistreatment

  • Why Do Zebras Migrate

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    Lexi W Zebras are mammals. Zebras have a cool black and white pattern on there back. Zebras have shiny coats. No one Zebra has the same stripe pattern. Zebras have cool characteristics that help them survive. Zebras live in open areas. They never live more than 20 miles of a water hole. They live in areas with lots of grass and trees. Zebras live in large groups. Zebras live in areas where there is plenty of food and water. They migrate when they need to find a better grazing pasture. They

  • Differences Between Mammals And Reptiles

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    Mammals and reptiles have been on earth for millions of years. They are both the two largest animals. Both mammals and reptiles can live together in different habitats even though there are several differences between them. A major difference reptiles and mammals have is their reproduction. Mammals are viviparous, which means they give birth to living young. When a mammal gives birth, she uses her mammary glands to nourish her young with milk. Reptiles are oviparous, they lay eggs to

  • Therapsids Evolution

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    Introduction – Mammals are the dominant large unique group of animals having a number of morphological and physiological characteristics. They evolved from a group of reptiles called the synapsids. These reptiles arose during the Pennsylvanian Period (310 to 275 million years ago). A branch of the synapsids called the therapsids appeared by the middle of the Permian Period (275 to 225 million years ago). It was over millions of years that some of these therapsids evolved unique mammalian features

  • Circus Animals Should Be Banned

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    Should Using Animals in the Circus Be Banned? By: Giselle Angelique 10A Did you know that tigers naturally fear fire? All of us have a certain fear, it can be anything, clowns, darkness, and insects, phobias that can haunt us at night and scare us to death. Well, tigers are particularly scared of fire. It’s in their nature. Yet, what is a circus without tigers jumping through fire hoops? Tigers are forced to jump through fire hoops for shows and its not rare that they suffer injuries, some even

  • Persuasive Essay On Animals

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    Being the most advanced animal on Earth, humans often neglect the fact that we are too classified as animals, along with a multitude of others. People find animals fascinating; we keep many different species as pets and frequent zoos to stare at them as they lay around doing nothing, but nonetheless we find it entertaining. In recent years, a more debatable conversation has sparked about whether animals are conscious beings and capable of complex emotions and tasks. New evidence has been researched

  • Thelma's Virgin Births

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    known as parthenogenesis, was thought to be triggered by extreme situations; it was only documented among captive animals, for example, perhaps by the stress, or isolation. Why among vertebrates, can fish, reptiles and birds have virgin births, but mammals, including humans, seemingly cannot? Even here, things aren 't straightforward Virgin turkeys Perhaps the best understood 'virgin ' vertebrate is the common domesticated turkey. Flora, a virgin Komodo dragon that gave birth Komodo dragons are also

  • Stellar Sea Lion Research Paper

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    Thinking: Why the Stellar Sea Lion is Declining The population of the Western stock of Stellar sea lions has been rapidly depleted, according to the Alaskan Fisheries Science Center of the National Marine Mammal Laboratory (Alaska Fisheries Science Center of the National Marine Mammal Laboratory: Marine Mammal Species, 1994). These sea lions have decreased by 85-90% since 1970 (Donnelly, 2003), from over 250,000 to less than 50,000 (Trites & Larkin, 1996) . Although the Eastern Stock is slowly on the rise

  • Eared Seals History

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    There are two points of view of the evolutionary history of the seal, the first view is the eared seals came from a bear like ancestor and the earless seal came from a otter like ancestor due to some similar function of the internal and external organs . The second view is that seals came from the monophyletic group and in a certain point they share a common ancestor. There was an animal called the enaliarctos and it was the last common ancestor of the seals. This animals spent more time on land

  • Cat Experimentation Argumentative Essay

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    Have you ever wondered how hearing aids have gotten better recently? Do you wonder why one of the stray cats in your neighborhood is missing? Did one of your neighbors adopt that cat, did the cat get hit by a truck, or did the cat not get enough food and slowly starve. Neither one of those is the answer but, even then those things would be more merciful then to where they’re going. That stray cat is going to the lab to be experimented on, dissected, and repeat but, with a different cat. Animal activists

  • Llamas Research Paper

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    Llama’s Llama’s are huge mammals that can weigh up to 450 pounds thats as much as a piano! Some physical traits that llama’s have is a different size and shape as many other animals. Their size can relate to a six foot man in height. (Llama) Llama’s are big mammals that have a high amount of hemoglobin in their bloodstream. Llama’s are some what related to camels, they both have long necks and arms. (Llama Glama) They are surprisingly big and tall, they can weigh 280 pounds to 450 pounds. (Breeds

  • Marine Mammal Captivity Analysis

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    In 2013 the controversy of marine mammal captivity was brought into a new light because of Blackfish, a CNN-produced documentary that took the United States by storm by showing a different side to the family-friendly park shows. No longer were killer whales viewed by all as cute stuffed animals to be played with and put on display, but as intelligent and sentient creatures who have been affected significantly by their continued imprisonment. The depth of their social relationships, behaviors, and

  • The Florida Manatee

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    Manatee - Florida manatee Introduction: The Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus) is a marine mammal which is also known as “West Indian manatee” or North American manatee. Manatees are occasionally called sea cows as they are similar to cows on land. Manatees belong to the family Trichechidae. This manatee is the largest, fully aquatic surviving member of the aquatic mammal “order Sirenia”. The lifespan of the manatee is 50-60 years in the wild. It is known that manatees have good long-term memory

  • Persuasive Essay On Animal Abuse

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    private hands, which means few people are keeping tabs, thus leaving substantial space for abuse and mistreatment. Although rescue organizations, such as Big Cat Rescue and The Humane Society, are working to address the abuse of these animals, exotic mammals are still mistreated daily. Ethical Perspective: Exotic Pet Owner When it comes down to taking care of an exotic pet, many pet owners will realize this is not an easy task. According to Big Cat Rescue (BCR), one of the most accredited sanctuaries