Similarities Between Animal Farm And Truman Show

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Animal Farm by George Orwell and Truman Show by Peter Weir depicts how freedom can make or break the good life and is effected by who 's hands the power of freedom is in and what decisions they make and what the decide to say. how power is not always the key to happiness and freedom can also depend on how close you are to certain people.

Weir and Orwell show in the two texts how sometimes freedom can effect more than yourself it can impact on on lives of people around you. When Christoph stole Truman 's freedom for he 's own popularity and wealth he stole a true, free and honest life for Truman, he lied to Truman about Mryll, Marlen and everything around him. deception was also shown in Animal Farm when Napoleon Lied to the other animals about situations and what he had done because he believed he was much better than the other animals. he was greedy, selfish and argent he did things for his own benefit without thinking of others and how it may effect them.

Orwell shows how power is not always key in the way that Napoleon had power, ruled over the other animals, had everything he wanted but was he really happy. Most of the other animals were content with there lives while Mr Jones ran the farm they worked as they would and kept to themselves. when Old Major shared his vision suddenly …show more content…

In Truman Show and Animal Farm Orwell and Weir show how freedom and happiness can also be effected but who you’re around, how close they are to you and how involved in you life they are. In the Truman Show the town Truman lives in is closely involved in each others lives, they say good morning every single day and they know everything about each other they all live in a close knot community. But in Animal Farm although the animals live together they keep to themselves they do there everyday chores, have meetings every now and then but they are not a close knit community like in the Truman Show. everyone is happy in there own way lives until others choices effect there way of

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