Animal Farm Corruption

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Every country fears war, rebellion, and revolution as those lead to massacre and death. Unfortunately, all governments contain some sort of corruption and that could lead to the country 's worst fears. The book, Animal Farm embodies corruption and dictatorship as the animals on the farm revolt against their owner and master, Jones, and create a new set of rules they call animalism. The pigs, after the revolt, rise into high positions of power and eventually, Napoleon the pig becomes a self-appointed dictator and leads the animals back into a dark age. Likewise, North Korea 's last few decades validates the claims when a man named Kim il-Sung led a revolution against the Japanese and rose into power to the presidential position. Then, when …show more content…

He does eventually, by sending the dogs he raised to chase off and kill Snowball and used lies and deceit to convince the other animals of Snowball 's alleged betrayal. "the animals ' workload is repeatedly increased throughout the following year as construction begins on the windmill. Napoleon announces that the farm will be trading with the neighboring farms, which seems to violate one of the early resolutions passed by the animals."(Animal) The other animals, still not knowing any better, trust Napoleon and follow him blindly. Little by little, Napoleon abolishes and modifies their freedoms and rights to benefit himself as he rises to power to become their self-imposed dictator. Regrettably, the animals realize this too late when "out came Napoleon himself, majestically upright, casting haughty glances from side to side, and with his dogs gamboling round him. He carried a whip in his trotter"(Orwell 133), the very personification of what they had been rebelling against in the first place. Continuing on his path or ruin and corruption, Napoleon alters each and every one of the original rules of animalism until the Animal Farm has reverted back into Manor Farm but much more cruel with Napoleon as a self-established sovereign. "they had come

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