How To Commrade Napoleon In Animal Farm

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“No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal.” Finally, Snowball is gone and Napoleon has taken over the right to rule the farm. Through Napoleon’s plan to cast out Snowball, I have a clear understanding of his ruthless politic means and decisions. I am not his opponent at all! Now, the only way for me is to continue to be his subordinate to help him gain more power by using my speech skills. Otherwise, I’ll end up like Snowball. A few days ago before this usurp, I was still imagining that one day I could replace Snowball or Napoleon to control the farm. Those animals were all illiterate and had no independent thinking skills, to deceive them was too simple for me all the time. I knew their weaknesses so well. When they realized the milk and apples disappeared, I just easily made up a story that milk and apples contain beneficial substances for our brain and used Mr Jones to threaten them in the end. You might think the lie was silly but all the animals believed it. As Comrade Napoleon taken away …show more content…

However, I was completely mistaken. From the way Napoleon disposed of Snowball, I found out my public speaking ability was not the main factor to become a leader or usurper. Decision-making abilities and political sensitivity were much more important. He used an undoubted high-sounding reason took those puppies away and secretly trained them for his army. It must have taken a long time. He had the patience to teach them and waited until a perfect condition. Napoleon was a shrewd and ruthless leader. When Snowball was chased by the dogs, I felt that they had intended to kill him. I couldn’t imagine if I turned against him, what will happen to me. I finally understood, speech skills would only help me to become a good advocate of the leader. While to become a real and powerful leader, I’m not qualified at all compared to Comrade

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