Dictatorship In Animal Farm

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Stalin, the leader of the Communist army in Russia and the most powerful man in the past uses violence to the ones that go against him. He has a style of dictatorship where many people suffer. Gunshots going across, people dying out, outcry, burst in tears with bruises all over the body, killing in harsh condition all occurs during Russian Revolution. The historical background of George Orwell’s Animal Farm is also the Russian Revolution. In the book, Napoleon uses dictatorship to order other animals, uses accuration, and give harsh punishment who block his way. George Orwell portrays Napoleon as Stalin in many similar ways. Just as some leaders use dictatorship to control political aspects, pigs also use dictatorship to control animals. Animal Farm uses characterization to suggest that although cruel leadership can be effective, it will lead to …show more content…

One example occurs when the author state that the most significant and the most hardest thing to work on by the animals is actually Napoleon’s own creation. “The windmill was, in fact, Napoleon’s own creation” (57). This explanation means Napoleon is the one who wants the hard work go toward the animals. This phrase is significant on the use of accusation by dictators because at first, Snowball suggests to have a windmill and Napoleon opposes but it turns out that Napoleon is the owner of windmill. Another example from the book is when Napoleon uses accusation to bring misunderstanding to animals about Snowball being Jones’s spy. “He was Jones’s secret agent all the time” (79). This explanation means Napoleon betray Snowball for his own benefit, to become the only leader. This is significant to use of accusation because Napoleon uses Snowball to get more support and to gain more power. In the book, it is shown as animals who opposes Napoleon are the real brave

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