Dialectical Journal For Animal Farm By George Orwell

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1) How do you feel about the novel at this point? By the time I am writing this I have already read the novel three times. From the first chapter I completed the first time around, I was enthralled with the idea of the book. I had wondered why humans were always running farms when wild animals seemed so much happier. The book scratched that itch in my brain, as well as giving me more questions than I had answers. I couldn’t put the book down and I had finished it within the week. 2) Has there ever been a situation where you have felt similarly to any of the characters? (think of school rules, house rules, etc.) I have felt similarly to the animals in many situations. There have been rules in my household that my siblings and I have deemed …show more content…

I have lived on this land since I was young, and I have never thought of leaving. Jones was the previous owner of this farm, called Manor Farm under his reign. He barely fed us, left us to our devices. We were overworked by the farmhands, pulled plows until we were about to break. We saw nothing for it, not even adequate rations of hay. My coat was matted, and I was pregnant several years of my time. Jones did not help with the birth, and took my foals away from me soon after I had them. I haven’t seen them since. Old Major helped me realize just how awful it has been. I would give anything to see my children again, so why do I tolerate this treatment? Why should I be treated worse than a foal, who can give nothing but beauty and affection? I am capable of those things, and so much more. Yet through my hard work my rations are bare, my water dirty, my stall uncleaned. Life on the farm was supposed to be better than Jones, and it was for a while. We worked together, we were able to hold each other up. We had daily meetings, we thought things through together. The strong protected the weak and the smart assisted the …show more content…

Why does Napoleon blame Snowball for the windmill being destroyed? Napoleon blames the destruction of the windmill on snowball as a manipulation tactic to create a false enemy to have issues focused on (illuminati is to US Government). Gives them smth to be mad abt. 6. Why does Napoleon order that the hens’ eggs be sold? So that he can have more trading opportunities as well as less mouths to feed as well as less potential uprising. 7. Why does Napoleon order the animals to stop singing “Beasts of England?” It reminds him too much of the past when he didn’t have power and it gives the animals hope. 8. How is Napoleon becoming more and more like a typical dictator? Ooooh boy https://medium.com/indian-thoughts/9-top-signs-of-a-cult-leader-823473c9a0be 9. What makes the battle against Frederick’s men different from the Battle of the Cowshed? Cowshed had all animals against everyone and it went really well with only 2 casualties, and one death of those two. The battle against Frederick's men was less organized and more emotionally driven, causing a more ruthless battle that cost many more lives. 10. The animals celebrate a victory, but at what cost? The windmill, many animals’ lives, and their hope that things may get better and

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