Reflective Essay: A Separate Peace

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In all honesty this book in the beginning was pretty boring for me. I do not favor this book and I was handed assignments where I would have to read the book. Obviously I procrastinated, but eventually I had read the chapters. As I read I noticed that the book is actually depressing and has a lot of emotional burdens that would go on throughout the book. For example when Norman Bowker would circle around his hometown lake because he is chained in grief and guilt due to his friend Kiowa’s death. This part in the book would give me images of me being Bowker and I would experience his pain and me circling around a lake. That chapter made me experience the feeling of being so hopeless and burdened by all this guilt and grief. In many ways I would think I relate to Bowker because sometimes I feel just like that. …show more content…

I would also have thoughts of me escaping things I wouldn’t want to do like homework. I would have thoughts of me being able to drive and drive to beaches and walk at night and feel the breeze. I would also resemble Jimmy Cross, I say this because if I were to mistake and that mistake would bring unfortunate things to my peers I would feel extreme guilt and would feel sad. I would come up with ideas on how to get my apologies accepted by my peers because I am so scared of alienation.I think the book was comforting to me because I related some things like the soldiers would experience in the book. So it made me feel like I am not a person who also thinks like this and acts like this. My feelings towards the Kiowa’s family was pretty

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