A Separate Peace Identity Essay

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In John Knowles’s novel A Separate Peace Identity is shown as what defines us and makes us be placed in other peoples perspectives. An author can use identity to place characters in the readers mind to portray them a certain way, just as John Knowles did in A Separate peace. An identity can be defined as who a person is inside and out. Knowles makes the vision the reader grasps of every character sharp and in focus. A Separate peace goes in depth to every character to give them a specific identity. Throughout the book Knowles brings up key qualities of each character to make the situation different. As a reader follows the story the identity of the character develops further and further. By doing this the author leaves the reader always wanting …show more content…

Since Gene was the one to jounce the limb of the tree and put Finny off balance he takes the responsibility for the accident. This proves that gene has the identity for being the worrier and the responsible one. Each time something bad happens Gene feels like he is responsible and doesn't want anyone to know that he is. Since he is known to be the nerd he doesn't want his identity to his friends to become worse. Overall Gene is known to be the character that has worries and lets emotional situations get the best of him. Continuously throughout the story Gene allows what happens to Finny and the world around him slowly bring him down. The war acts as another filler for disaster in society and can get the best of the boys who are preparing to fight in it. Therefore Gene’s identity in A Separate Peace defines him as the weaker one the one who is sensitive. The first identity of Phineas is developed when the Devon boys all go to jump out of the large tree near the river. As Finny leads the way and leaps off the limb into the Adams 2 river below, he is given the Identity of a brave leader as well as the more daring one. He is the one with out a care to the

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