The Relationship Between Gene And Finny In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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“Envy is ignorance; imitation is suicide” (Emerson 370). John Knowles’s A Separate Peace takes place at a boarding school, Devon, in New Hampshire during World War II. Gene Forrester, one of the main characters, is a conformist that envies his best friend, Phineas (Finny). Gene is academically inclined and introverted, whereas Finny is athletically gifted and outgoing. A Separate Peace depicts how Gene’s envy and imitation affect him and his relationship with Finny, and how Gen found peace within himself after Finny’s death. Gene’s envy and imitation of Finny affects Gene greatly. Gene’s feelings cause him to be much more aggressive. For instance, on page 191, Finny told Gene, “it wasn’t anything you really felt against me, it wasn’t some

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