How Is Minerva Reflected In The Time Of The Butterflies

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Butterflies Reflection In The Time of the Butterflies I am exposed to many different viewpoints. An important one being Minerva Mirabal. This novel takes me through the crazy lives of the Mirabal’s. This family is in a personal war against El Jefe Trujillo. As the novel progresses Trujillo becomes intrigued by Minerva. Attracted to her mind of her own, she is Trujillo’s new mission. Minerva plays along for awhile, trying to make requests to benefit herself. She wants to be a lawyer. She realizes pretending to be interested in Trujillo could grant this. “A woman with a mind of her own. So you want to study in the capital, eh?” (Alvarez 99). This quote shows Trujillo’s interests in Minerva. It also signifies Minerva’s fearless and driven personality. I believe Trujillo became frustrated and impatient with Minerva’s …show more content…

Minerva feels violated by him while dancing with him at the ball and smacks him across the face. This does not anger him as she thought it would, it just attracts him more to her. The Mirabal’s leave the ball after their father is disturbed by El Jefe. Although El Jefe does not notice Minerva’s hate towards him, he begins to become skeptical of the Mirabal’s. He begins thinking they know more than they should and that worries El Jefe. This causes Minerva to show her true strength and wisdom in her rebel against the government. I enjoyed this part in the novel because it shows Minerva’s strength and confidence. I think this novel did a wonderful job as portraying Minerva as a strong warrior. I can relate to her charismatic personality and her willingness to fight. I am never afraid to say what is on my mind just like Minerva. This book was interesting for me because it allowed me to relate to a character. I love reading novels that not only allow me to feel a connection with a character, but allow me to relate to their personality or

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