Summary Of Maria Viramontes Use Of Figurative Language

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In Maria Viramontes’ Under the Feet of Jesus Estrella is a confused, angry girl who is attempting to figure everything out. Estrella is unable to figure anything out without the help of Perfecto Flores, but with his help she is able to create some understanding about the importance of education and becomes less angry. Viramontes uses tone and figurative language to help show Estrella’s growth and development. The beginning of the passage has an angry tone. When Estrella saw Perfecto’s red tool box she became vexed because of her lack of understanding. “So what is this?” and “So what is this about?” Estrella was asking angry questions when she first saw the tools that Perfecto had. Her confusion had led to anger; she was confused as to what …show more content…

“Estrella realized words could become as excruciating as rusted nails piercing the heels of her bare feet.” After Mrs. Horn’s comments about Estrella’s appearance and smell Estrella realized the power of words and language. Viramontes used a metaphor to show Estrella’s change of thoughts on learning English. Estrella became distressed after Mrs. Horn attacked her dirty and smelly appearance. It was a hurt similar to when Estrella was unable to understand Perfecto’s tool box and when she was unable to understand English. Viramontes used imagery while describing Estrella’s “dirty fingernails” and the “chalky lines on the blackboard”. Estrella had not been able to read anything on the chalky blackboard until she changed her views on learning English. Estrella’s growth as a character is illuminated through Viramontes’ use of figurative language. Viramontes uses tone and figurative language to show Estrella’s development as a character. Estrella changes from distressed to being joyful because her understanding of the tools grew which showed her that she can learn English. Estrella’s growth from being angry and confused to being understanding is helped shown by viramontes’ use of tone and figurative

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