In The Time Of The Butterflies Religion Essay

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Religion in The Butterflies The theme of religion is found throughout the book In the Time of the Butterflies. Julia Alvarez uses the theme to give life and development to the characters as well as advance the story. It provides a brighter more pure side to contrast the events of the Rebellion and Trujillo’s actions. Religion also keeps the people of the Dominican Republic together providing guidance for them. Religion deepens the reader's understanding of what the characters in the book are going through as well as the situation in the Dominican Republic under Trujillo’s 31 year regime. The role of religion in the book In the Time of the Butterflies develops Patrias character. This becomes evident when Patria says, “No one had to tell me to believe in God or to love everything that lives. I did it automatically like a shoot inching its way towards the light,” (44). As a reader just being introduced to the character Patria with this quote you can clearly tell Julia Alvarez’s intent on how we look at Patria. The author intends to show and describe the character as a …show more content…

Patria is strong willed about her religion, so think about everyone else. Trujillo’s regime has torn apart so many families, killed so many, and destroyed so many lives. The author tries to represent those events in this scene, the breaking of Patrias religious will. To conclude the theme of religion has an impact on the book In the Time of the Butterflies. Religion has a pattern of being present for characters like Patria in their times of need. It provides a role in character development shown predominantly in Patrias character. It shows the extent of Trujillo’s actions against the Dominican people by showing Patrias desperateness for her son. These examples depicted in the book show how the theme of religion has an impact on In the Time of the

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