In The Time Of The Butterflies Heroism

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After a long fight with Trujillo, three sisters were murdered. “In the Time of the Butterflies” by Julia Alvarez is about the Mirabal sisters long and weary fight with the revolution against Trujillo. Trujillo was the dictator for the Dominican Republic from 1930-1961. This essay will address the how they got to joining the revolution , their heroism and fight with the revolution. The Mirabal sisters showed heroism in the face of the Dominican Republic because of their resistance against Trujillo’s regime. First, it was Minerva with her friend, Sinita, and her family, then it was Mate joining the revolution because she figured out Minerva was in it and got interested. During a retreat Patria went to with her church, she witnessed the killing of a boy that looked like her son. Although she had previous knowledge of the revolution from Minerva and the news, she started getting more interested and joined. “ It happened on the last day of our retreat. The fourteenth of June; how can I ever forget that day.” …show more content…

It all started when she was the one who begged her father to let her go to school. There is where she met Sinita, whose family was killed by Trujillo because of their involvement in the revolution. Sinita told her how terrible Trujillo is. “ I lay awake most of that night, thinking about Sinita’s brother and her uncles and her father and this secret of Trujillo that nobody but Sinita seemed to know about. (Alvarez, 19) “Trujillo, says Bartlett, was a very vain man. Just as Hitler wanted to destroy the Jewish race, Trujillo wanted to rid the country of blacks. "He had this thing about being white," Bartlett says. "He used to put powder on his face. In three weeks' time, I think, he had 15,000 black Haitians killed."” . ( King, Susan) Throughout Latin America, the Mirabals are regarded as feminist icons, a reminder that ''we have our revolutionary heroines, our Che Guevaras, too,'' as Ms. Alvarez put it.” (Rohter,

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