Paradise Hill Medical Center Case Analysis

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Paradise Hill Medical Center – Case analysis
1. Recognize the background: the key of this step is to understand the medical issues involved. The medical issue in the Paradise Hill Medical Center (PHMC) was that 22 oncology patients received excessive doses of radiation therapy. The patients have not been informed yet that they received and overdose of radiation. The CEO alleged that it was the responsibility of the medical staff to inform the affected patients, and the medical team decided not to inform them about the error.

2. Identify the specific ethical question that needs clarification: in this step the ethical conflict is identified. In the PHMC case one of the ethical questions is if the patients should be informed of the radiation overdose.

3. Consider the related ethical principles and/or organizational values: the ethical question should identify and agree with the competing values. …show more content…

Anticipate the ethical conflict: after the resolution of the conflict, it is important to find out how future conflicts can be prevented (Nelson, 2015, p. 48). PHMC’s CEO should implement standards of ethical conduct and become a role model of it (Perry, 2014, p. 35). By exercising leadership many of the ethical conflict can be avoided and the whole organization is impacted positively.

The textbook quotes Bennis and Namus (1985, 186) to define a leader: “leaders are persons who are able to influence others; this influence helps to establish the organizational climate for ethical conduct; ethical conduct generates trust; and trust contributes substantially to the long term success of the organization” (Perry, 2014, p. 36).
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Nelson, William A. Healthcare Executive Column. July/August 2005; Making Ethical Decisions: A Six-Step Process Should Guide Ethical Decision Making in Healthcare; Healthcare Management Ethics. July/August

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