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Portfolio Reflection Form Name: Alexis Wilkerson Code of Ethics Summary Course: ADRE 6991, 6992, 6993, 6994 Semester: Spring 2017 Competencies addressed: Knowledge: Foundations A.2. the legal and ethical principles specifically related to the practice of addiction and clinical counseling/clinical mental health counseling, including the Code of Ethic of the American Counseling Association (ACA); NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals; North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board (NCSAPPB); Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW); and American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) Code of Ethics B.1. adhering to ethical and legal standards in addiction and clinical counseling/clinical …show more content…

For this assignment, I witnessed and explored one ethical issues that occurred on the floor and another ethical issue that involved the transition from the emergency department to the behavioral health floor. After these events occurred, I sought supervision from my site supervisor and completed a three-page paper summarizing the ethical issues. The paper includes detailed information such as an explanation the ethical principles involved in each ethical issue, a description of how the situation was/could have been handled, and an explanation of how I would have handled the situation …show more content…

Witnessing these two ethical issues have increased my awareness of the legal and ethical standards of the counseling field. I understand the difference between legal and ethical standards and how some situation may not always result to legal involvement. I was able to observe how the staff handled each situation and how the decision/issue affected the patient in numerous ways. During supervision, I practiced using ethical decision making skills and explored how I would have handled each ethical issue differently. I have learned how to appropriately handle situation such as informing an anxious patient of later discharge dates in a way that would decrease the chances of an intense crises. I learned what is involved in the admission process and referring a patient to a facility that will provided the proper level of care. Overall, these situations have showed me how easy it would be to find myself in a situation due to fear of creating a crisis or fear of a particular populations. I have confidence in my abilities; however, I understand that mistakes happen and the best way to avoid ethical dilemma is to seek supervisions and make decisions that would benefit all

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