VA Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Introduction In all healthcare, ethics have always played an important role and because of the role ethics has in healthcare, an organizations code of ethics is always under the microscope. An organization who is now under high scrutiny in the media is the Veteran Administration (VA).
The Veterans Administration was created to take care of the American Military man/woman after the individual has honorably completed their service. With the recent events of the popular VA Scandal the VA code of ethics has been compromised. The VA must recreate their image so they can earn the trust back from the veterans. In this SMAC, different options the VA has taken and other options the VA can take to strengthen its code of ethics will be discussed. The VA’s sole purpose is to make sure Veterans health needs are met.
Issues to be discussed in SMAC:
• Discussion of the VA’s current Code of Ethics.
• Is there room for improvement on the VA’s current Code of Ethics?
• What else can the VA do to repairs its image?
These particular issues are just the tip of the iceberg affecting the VA. It will take researchers, resources and an unidentified amount of time to fix all the issues in the VA …show more content…

IntegratedEthics was designed to establish a national, standardized, comprehensive, systematic, integrated approach to ethics in healthcare. “This innovative model is based on established methods for achieving performance excellence, principles of continuous quality improvement, and proven strategies for organizational change” (Bottrell, Fox, Berkowitz, Chanko, Foglia, Pearlman, 2011). The model is now being used for all types of organizations even though it was built with only healthcare in mind. IntegratedEthics is broken down into three sections or core sections and each one is equally focused on. The three functions in IntegratedEthics according to Bottrell, Fox, Berkowitz, Chanko, Foglia, Pearlman

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