Importance Of Accountability In Healthcare

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The Importance of Accountability Why is Accountability so important in the health care industry? Even though a situation may be positive or negative, every aspect of health care needs to be credited to something or someone, with accountability, errors can be fixed and then prevented and helps keep costs down. An employee accountability is measured by customer satisfaction, results of performance, and the cost and impacts of the employee over time, and affects an organization’s working culture by their values, integrity and work ethics. A successful organization follows the checks and balance process, maintains a positive working culture, and stays clear from blame. The importance of accountability in the health care industry Accountability…show more content…
Evaluating validity to examine the effectiveness in and throughout the process. This process involves the factuality of information, project design, data applications, data, model and the results from an event or occurrence. Accountability will include checks and balance, performance evaluations, assessment and customer satisfaction. Measurement tools will then be considered in the light of the industry’s exclusive realities and considerations. Over time, accountability impact and cost must be evaluated. Quality and measurement theories that abandon the highest levels of appropriateness, will accomplish the healthcare industry evaluates the accountability costs and impacts. Having an understanding of the scrutiny of service, responsibilities, customer satisfaction, effective service and performance, and outcome assessments are all requirements of accountability, which are part of the continuum for accountability (Ledlow & Coppola,…show more content…
Management or leaders will need to demonstrate a priority on ethics, thoroughly communicate the expectations on ethical practice, have ethical decision making. And support the local ethical programs. Having a manager or leader that has accountability with ethical consideration has a balance of holding one true to its values and having ethical considerations on the different cultural backgrounds. This is a critical and key factor to a successful health care organization. Knowing, and understanding as a manager and influencing employees to follow standards that when something is misunderstood or unknown, owning up to its behavior on the situation can be corrected and guided to what is expected from the leader or manager and down to the employees. Having an understanding to ethical consideration and accountability will improve customer satisfaction, employee performance, and the continuum for accountability ("Ethical Leadership: Fostering An Ethical Environment And Culture",

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