Essay Comparing The Transformational Model And Accountable Care Organizations

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Comparison of the Transformational Model and
Accountable Care Organizations
Tiresia Kliegl
National University
HCA 402
Healthcare Administration
Healthcare organizations are not only going through technological changes but changes in management practices as well. These changes will challenge healthcare organizations practices, policies, and patient attitude. Comparing the transformational model (TM) with accountable care organizations (ACO’s), this paper will explore how each model improves quality of care, access to care, and reduce cost while discussing their differences. The transformational model focuses on healthcare establishments becoming “learning organizations (Sollecito & Johnson, …show more content…

Accountable care organization do not uses the transformational model. Instead, ACO’s are involved with the health outcomes of a certain population (Science Direct, 2014). ACOS treat many Medicare and Medicaid
recipients. They provide care and are given incentives and bonuses for the number patients they treat. ACO’ us the “fee for services” having the goal of providing care for patients yet avoiding unnecessary services (Science Direct, 2014). ACO’s rely heavily on healthcare providers for leadership where consequences rest solely on one individual. Their values are centered around the organizations goals which typically is concerned with its market value. The quality of care received from ACO’s are typically set in urban areas with large populations. This can lead to longer wait time’s and providers becoming less interpersonal with their patients. With increased patient volume and providers being overwhelmed, the quality of care can be dismal. Overall
ACO’s progress is determined by patient outcomes and improving services for financial incentives. With these financial incentives is one of the challenge that face ACO’s. With

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