External Factors For The Memorial Herman Health Care Organization

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Memorial Hermann http://www.memorialhermann.org/about-us/ The Memorial Herman health care organization has over 30,000 staff members, including physicians, nurses, clinical and administrative staff, and more. Memorial Herman focuses on evidence-based medicine to provide the best quality and safest care to their patients. Memorial Herman is national known and recognized for this its quality of care. The organization is the largest non-profits in the southeast Texas region. The organization consist of approximately fifteen facilities around the Houston, Texas area. The Memorial Herman hospital within the world renounced Houston Medical Center, is one of the largest and nations best level 1 trauma centers. Memorial Hermann uses the latest …show more content…

These factors are things that happen outside the walls of the organization that have on impact on the operational functions of the organization. Most of these factors cannot be prevented by the organization, but are caused by outside sources. External factors for the Memorial Hermann organization are things such as the ever-changing diversity of the Houston, Texas population, government laws and regulations over health insurance and health care acts, and the continuous changes in health care technology. With the change in diversity within one of the largest population in the United States, Memorial Hermann has had to evolve and accommodate to this. This mean that language barriers and ethical guidelines must be addressed and followed. By accommodating to these changes the organization to better serve a greater population at a greater level of quality. Laws and policies also have impacted the organization, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA allowed more patients to have access of healthcare services, driving the demand for health care services higher. This called for the need to increase supplies and staff for the organization. With the ever-changing technology updates, the organization must keep up to date to provide the best quality of care available which can cost an organization extra time and

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