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  • Hospital Compare And Contrast Hospital

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    Hospital Compare is where people can go to get data on the quality of care that is offered at over 4,000 hospitals. The quality of care is extremely important because people want to know if they will be getting the best care at one of these hospitals, and how does a physician treat the patient if they are ill. The information that you can get about hospitals is, how does the hospital rate compared to all of the other hospitals, the hospital’s location, how patients can get a hold of the hospital

  • Hospital Readmissions

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    patients who have been in and out of the hospital for the past six months to a year are at a higher risk of acquiring nosocomial infections resulting in a weaker immune system to an already compromised one, as well as longer hospital stay. Readmissions from these patients pose as a physical, emotional and financial strain to both patients and/or their families. Additionally, readmissions within 30 days for patients with CHF poses as an additional cost for hospitals as there is reduced Medicare payments

  • Hospital Mentorship

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    took a second to catch my breath and prepare to sprint once more. When the door opened, I merged into the flow of hospital traffic composed of personnel in the midst of a high-speed chase. The room numbers flashed by: 2328, 2329,

  • Sacraments In The Hospital Analysis

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    Geest, in his essay ‘Sacraments in the Hospital: Exploring the Magic and Religion of Recovery’ discusses, the magical and religious dimension of hospital work, which fills patients with hope for a future life and recreates people’s belief in biomedicine as ultimate truth, through a series of medical words and interventions (Geest, 2005). Relativize to the old dichotomist world view, which Geest believes to have hindered the anthropological understanding of clinical efficacy, he proposes that there

  • Essay On Hospital Culture

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    or medications. If it is major, then the patient is sent to a base hospital for further treatment such as surgery. A few hospitals like Shankar Nethralaya have also been performing surgeries in their mobile vans. Cataract surgeries in such a set-up address

  • Essay On Hospital Readmission

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    Hospital Readmission has a high burden to both healthcare systems and patients. Most readmission is thought to be related to the quality of healthcare system. In the US, nearly 20 percent of Medicare patients are readmitted within 30 days after discharge and related with an estimated annual cost of 17 billion (1). Hospital readmission for patients early after an inpatient stay can be a traumatic experience (2). Readmission causes vary between countries, regions and healthcare centers, at least part

  • Hospital Security Escorts

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    One possible solution is security escorts. These security escorts can accompany nurses around hospitals to prevent any violence from visitors as well as patients and other healthcare professionals. These security escorts can do their best to keep the peace if a problem between a nurse and visitor arises. Designated family meeting/sleeping areas will reduce visitor contact with nurses and will cause less disruption to other patients. Simple solutions can include education, guidelines, policies, and

  • Hospital Acquired Infection

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    Hospital-acquired infection can be referred to as a nosocomial infection. This is an infection that’s contracted from the staff and/or area of the healthcare facility/hospital. The staff can spread infection while dealing with the patient/s, as well as contaminated equipment, sheets from the bed and or air droplets can spread this infection. Sometimes the microorganism originates from the patient 's skin micro biota. Nosocomial pneumonia is a nosocomial bacterial infection that is mostly seen in

  • Hospital Restraint Analysis

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    active in the following hospital committees such as: Restraint, Safety, Fall, ConED, and Performance Improvement. Furthermore, she has been a voice for the veterans focusing on changing the culture of how restraints are being used in the organization. She advocates on focusing more on alternative measures such as, de-escalation techniques, therapeutic communication, recognized early sing of agitation, and intervene on a timely manner, and so on. Outcome: As a member of the Hospital Restraint Committee

  • Clostridium Difficile In Hospitals

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    Running head: Kevin Holland Kevin Holland Clostridium difficile is becoming a major problem inside of hospitals. There are many reasons as to why the bacteria is becoming a top priority while treating patients mainly inside of the hospital setting. Hospital-induced infections, lack of a proper diet, and even when people do not perform proper hygiene is causing this bacteria that is considered normal biota, to flourish and cause gastrointestinal distress. Bacteria have spent millions of years growing

  • Benefits Of Hospital Standardization

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    When the Hospital Standardization Program established their initial set of minimum standards, one of the prescriptive measures required healthcare organizations to maintain medical records for patient treatment. The necessity of creating, and preserving a detailed account of a patient’s history, laboratory results, and treatment seems rudimentary today. The Hospital Standardization Program made significant advances in enforcing proper documentation. Building on that legacy, TJC strengthened standards

  • Essay On Hospital Readmissions

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    being driven by the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program which was implemented as part of the Affordable Care Act. “Effective October 1, 2012, organizations with high 30-day readmission rates for acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, and pneumonia could see their annual hospital Medicare payments reduced by 1%, according to a final rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)”. (Clancey, 2013) Hospital readmissions are an increasing problem in hospitals across the country

  • Hospital Wait Time

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    Introduction Hospital wait times have long been an issue amongst patients in emergency rooms as it’s unrealistic for every patient to receive assistance as soon as they arrive in the emergency department. Those with life-threatening injuries have priority while those without are still suffering and have no alternative but to wait for medical attention. In an age where technology has solved numerous everyday problems and businesses are continually evolving with new innovations, is it possible for

  • Hospital Compare In Healthcare

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    Hospital compare helps citizens find information for hospitals all over the country. This information helps the patients and their families make the best choice for their monetary restrictions and their health choices. This helps them find out whether the quality of care is adequate for their needs between many hospitals in the patient's home area. Hospital compare helps the patient by making the decision process easier, and making hospitals improve their health care quality. Patients can find a

  • Hospital Nurse Staffing

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    working have a direct correlation to the staffing needs of the organization which may affect patient safety. Stimpfel, Sloane, and Aiken (2012) stated more than 70 percent of working nurses perceive their scheduling practices as acceptable at their hospitals. Patients on the other hands voiced their dissatisfaction with the increased in the numbers of hours the healthcare worker are working. Nurses for many

  • Hospital Simulation Model

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    Surgical procedures are the main constituents of the hospital activity. Surgical procedures are applied on patients waiting in wards or intensive care unit from where the patients are moved to the recovery space. The operating theatre is so a core method that impacts on the complete hospital, as bed capability as an example is additionally needed for treatment, which would not lead to operation. That specialize in the overall flow perspective, scarce human and physical resources for surgical procedures

  • Hospital Staffing Reflection

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    This week we want to the hospital to learn more about the staffing process. On Monday, our supervisor gave us a chance to create a job description for chief of clinical nutrition, clinical dietitian I and clinical dietitian II. My group starts with chief of clinical nutrition we assumed the basic function about his or her job is supervisor to the clinical nutrition staff coordinating inpatient and outpatient clinical nutrition services. In addition, he or she is responsible for keeping communication

  • CHOC Hospital Case Study

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    CHOC also knew as the Children’s Hospital of Orange County loves to help out sick or hurt children. It all started since 1964 when Walt Disney and Walter Knott 's found CHOC after they expanded the area with their amusement parks. The first-day CHOC started there were only four people who came to be treated then within two months they have treated over 300 patients. CHOC in addition to becoming more well known over the generations. Now it is one of the best hospitals for children in Southern California

  • The Skeleton In The Hospital Closet Analysis

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    “The Skeleton in the Hospital Closet” Critique In this article Charles E. Butterworth explains the issue of malnourished and starved patients in hospitals. Charles is convinced that iatrogenic malnutrition has become a significant factor in determining the outcome of illness for many patients. Patients are starved and malnourished because of hospital stays. Malnutrition is huge in major city hospitals. People involved in patient care share the same conviction that when a sick person commits to a

  • Literature Review Of Hospital Management

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    REVIEW OF LITERATURE In this chapter, the researcher has arranged all relevant literature and empirical studies-reviewed under the following schemes: 1) A review of empirical studies in the area of hospital administration arranged chronologically 2) Hospital described as a formal organisation 3) Hospital explained as a psycho-social system. 4) A summary is made of the literature search with regard to the concept and importance of organisational climate, in different disciplines. 5) The structural and