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  • Hospital Compare And Contrast Hospital

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    Hospital Compare is where people can go to get data on the quality of care that is offered at over 4,000 hospitals. The quality of care is extremely important because people want to know if they will be getting the best care at one of these hospitals, and how does a physician treat the patient if they are ill. The information that you can get about hospitals is, how does the hospital rate compared to all of the other hospitals, the hospital’s location, how patients can get a hold of the hospital

  • The Importance Of Hospital Food In Hospitals

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    Hospitals save lives when there is an emergency. They also have a special responsibility to be a healing institution that teaches patients on how to take good care of themselves and avoid illness. Unfortunately, the food plans in hospitals are not as per the requirement of the patients. It is almost exactly against the same illness that the doctors are trying to treat. In the Unites States, the problem of not looking into the nutrient value that is provided to the patients is of a really major concern

  • Hospital Environment

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    of this study is to examine the effect of a hospital environment on the quality of sleep among older adults in acute medical/hospital wards. 5.2 Objectives: 1. To describe the sample of older adults admitted to the acute medical wards. 2. To describe the quality of sleep among older adults in hospital. 3. To identify the factors that influences sleep in the acute medical wards of a large teaching hospital. 5.3 Hypothesis: 1. Older adults in hospital have reduced quality of sleep. 2. There is

  • Essay On Hospital Culture

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    or medications. If it is major, then the patient is sent to a base hospital for further treatment such as surgery. A few hospitals like Shankar Nethralaya have also been performing surgeries in their mobile vans. Cataract surgeries in such a set-up address

  • Nosocomial Infection In Hospital

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    A nosocomial infection which is also called hospital acquired infection Nosocomial” term can be defined an infection acquired in hospital via a patient who was admitted due to a disease rather other than that infection. (Mayon &White et al, 1988).Hospital acquired infections are known to result in marked morbidity and conformist to cause or contribute to nearly 80,000 deaths annually in the united status.(Jarvis, 1996).Health care professionals are constantly expose to microorganisms. Which can cause

  • Scheduling In Hospital Management

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    BACKGROUND: hospitals are always looking for cost reduction solutions, improving financial assets, and increasing patient’s satisfaction and quality (1). A ward in a hospital, which needs to be paid attention specifically is the surgical ward since these facilities are the largest cost and income centers of a hospital and impact on the performance of the entire hospital (2). In addition, management of surgery department is so difficult not only for various preferences of stakeholders, but also for

  • Service Quality In Hospital

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    to the choice of the hospital, expected and perceived service quality, patients’ satisfaction and behavioural intention of patients. The definitions, meaning, variables used to measure the above said concepts are discussed in this chapter. Quality Quality has become the essential parameter to be evaluated for a product or service which is to be purchased or consumed. The same way, patients are comparing and evaluating the service quality of both private and public hospitals. Due to the technological

  • The Gateway Hospital Case: Case Study: The Gateway Hospital

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    1. Brief Facts of the case – What do you think the ethical issues are in this case The Gateway Hospital case major participants are Kristen and Troy. Kristen is a new employee at Getaway Hospital, and Troy is her supervisor. They recently went on a business trip to Orlando, where they attended a conference. Troy ended up skipping part of the conference to go with his family to Disney World and SeaWorld. When they got back wife suggested him to submit three meals and one extra night at the hotel as

  • Energy Efficiency In Hospitals

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    Hospitals are institutions for the care of the sick and injured and usually function 24 hours per day, all year round. They usually consist of large buildings, and careful control of their internal climate is considered necessary. Substantial amount of heat is normally generated internally by the occupants and operating equipment. An effective cooling (and heating depending upon the external weather conditions.) and ventilation systems combined with good insulation of hospital building, usually reduce

  • Miscarriage In Hospital Care

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    The aims of this study were to explore mothers’ and fathers’ experiences of hospital care during second trimester miscarriage. In particular this study aimed to report on mothers and fathers views on the care received in the hospital from the time of diagnosis of the second trimester miscarriage through to follow-up care. As a consequence the interview guide focused on parents’ experiences of hospital care and information in relation to parents’ experiences of community health care services such

  • Private Hospital Essay

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    Top 10 Best Private Hospitals in Delhi Primary keyword: Best private hospitals in Delhi Top 10 best private hospitals in Delhi Secondary keyword: list of delhi hospitals top 10 hospital in india apollo hospital delhi private hospitals in india Meta Description: India attracts medical tourist from all over the world through its best private hospitals in Delhi featured with eminent medical infrastructure Introduction: Medical tourism is a flourishing business in India that yields profits in

  • Inpatient Fall In Hospital

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    Change management in reducing the percentage of inpatient fall in hospital. Fall is defined as being “an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or floor or other lower level” (World Health Organization, 2012). The author is a registered nurse working in a private hospital. In the author practicing hospital, inpatient fall was identified has a major problem. The targeted aim for inpatient fall is less than 5%. However, the inpatient fall has been increasing drastically

  • Medical Errors In Hospital

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    There are several reports of occurrence of medical errors in hospitals. Some of them are inaccurate patient identification [1], surgery at a wrong site [2], [3], improper administration of drugs [4], [5], mislabeled bio-samples [6], wrong interpretation of hand written prescription, wrong transfusion of blood [7], and leaving surgical items in the human body. All these errors are man-made errors. The occurrence of these errors was coupled with complex and cumbersome nature of the health care process

  • Sacraments In The Hospital Analysis

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    Geest, in his essay ‘Sacraments in the Hospital: Exploring the Magic and Religion of Recovery’ discusses, the magical and religious dimension of hospital work, which fills patients with hope for a future life and recreates people’s belief in biomedicine as ultimate truth, through a series of medical words and interventions (Geest, 2005). Relativize to the old dichotomist world view, which Geest believes to have hindered the anthropological understanding of clinical efficacy, he proposes that there

  • Thermal Comfort In Hospital

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    can be accomplished with 18 beds resulting in similar average performance as the current system. Ahmed Abdulelah Salim [25] studied two and three dimensional analysis for thermal comfort in a hospital operating room. Model of room consist of a patient lying on an operating room table, four surgical staff members standing around, and surgical lights above the patient. Cold clean air was supplied to the room through high sidewall grilles and from ceiling diffuser and exhausted through low

  • Hospital Work Values

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    An exploratory study of Work Values among doctors of a Women & Child hospital chain in India Sengupta, D. Associate Professor O&LS, Alliance University ( ) Sharma, S. Management Trainee, Cloudnine ( ) Sharma, Y. Assistant Manager HR, Cloudnine ( ) Shet, S. Manager HR, Cloudnine ( ) Siddharth S.N. Chief People Officer & Business Development, Cloudnine ( Abstract Given healthcare sector’s

  • Hospital Reflection Report

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    The previous two hospitals that I’ve been to are both regional hospitals whereas this institution is a community health care centre. Even though this institution was much less busy than the previous two hospitals, I found that the workers were still very busy and since the pharmacy was much smaller, it was a bit cramped with everyone running around. This pharmacy

  • Waiting Time In Hospital

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    services and the quality of treatment offered1. Outpatient department has become an essential part of the hospital due to the fact that it is the first step of the treatment system2 and point of contact between a hospital and community.OPD is often considered as the window to hospital services and patient’s impression of the hospital begins at the OPD3. Now a day’s OPD services of the majority of hospital are having queuing and waiting time problem. Waiting time

  • Essay On Hospital Management

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    The major thrust areas of hospital management at various levels are: (i) management of clinical, intermediary, and support services; (ii) management of waste; (iii) human resource management; (iv) hospital planning; (v) quality management; (vi) management of information system; (vii) evaluation, and so on. At the district hospital level, the PMO is responsible for these activities, while, the Medical Officer in charge manages at the subdivisional hospital (SDH) and community health center (CHC) under

  • Hospital Round Process

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    Medical ward round is a complex clinical process during which the clinical care of hospital inpatient is reviewed1. Ward round is the key for coordinating inpatient care in any health care setup. Ward round is conducted by a multidisciplinary team consisting doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals. Ward round is an opportunity to inform and involve patients in health care delivery. It also provides a joint learning opportunity for the healthcare staff involved in patient care