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Hospital compare helps citizens find information for hospitals all over the country. This information helps the patients and their families make the best choice for their monetary restrictions and their health choices. This helps them find out whether the quality of care is adequate for their needs between many hospitals in the patient's home area. Hospital compare helps the patient by making the decision process easier, and making hospitals improve their health care quality. Patients can find a variety of information about the hospitals quality; including general ratings of the hospital, general information, payment and value of care, timely and effective care, and much more information on this website. This ensures that patients will be able …show more content…

The patients experience within the hospital is collected from a survey done randomly among patients. Each hospital must have at least 300 survey responses per year. After collecting the data, the data is submitted to the survey data warehouse, where it is analyzed and adjusted to truly reflect the hospital’s conditions. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services along with the Agency for healthcare research standardize the survey results with the hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems survey. This survey has only thirty-two questions which are analyzed each year. It is given to patients randomly throughout the year, collected by those who receive training in giving the survey. Some questions that are asked are in the category of composite topics which include; nurse communication, doctor communication, responsiveness of hospital staff, pain management, questions about medications, discharge information, and cleanliness of the hospital. This is all done to show the patient the true quality of the hospital, and the general effect on the …show more content…

Wheeling hospital collected data for patient satisfaction was collected from 4/1/2016 to 3/31/2017. Wheeling hospital completed 1779 surveys in this period with a response rate of 26%. This was a bit shocking due to more people taking the survey than previous thought. The state average of patient’s reporting their nurses communicated well is 81%, while the national is 80%. The hospital’s average was only 77%, and was not very shocking due to the importance of nurses being advocates for their patients. The hospital did a bit poorly in cleanliness of patient’s bathroom and room, and also did poorly in receiving help when needed. The rooms and bathroom were reported as being always clean by 70 % of respondent which only had two star rating. The receiving help was when needed was rated at 64% and had a three star rating. This does need to be improved to be closer to the national average. One possibly is to have more meetings and better hand offs, this will allow the nurses a greater chance of being of able to check the patient for various symptoms that could be missed if not told of some information. One thing that can be done is to increase the cleanliness is to increase the cleaning rotations of the rooms. To improve the help that patient’s need, they could possibly do increased training in responding to call

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