Measure Recent Changes In Health And Social Care Essay

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2.1 Device a strategy and criteria for measuring recent changes in Health and social care My organisation Royal United Hospital had breach policies and procedures related to respecting and involving users of the services, standard of care did not uphold the policy of safeguarding service users from abuse and monitoring the services on a regular basis and updating of DSU records. My duty to the organisations is to devise strategy and criteria to measure standards in the organisation to bring in line with National Standard 2008, a provider of health and social care providers must ensure that service users are given appropriate treatment, in line with regulation 20 of health and social care Act 2008. I will measure the standard of service offered by using two methods, quantitative and qualitative by gathering information from for customers, Stake holders, regulators, internal and external customers, I will also …show more content…

2: Is the services now safe? 3: Are you satisfied with waiting time for attendance at this hospital? 4: Are services effective? 5: Are you satisfied with the services offered and what do you think can be done to improve it? 6: Do you sleep undisturbed at night? 7: Are you satisfy with the services offered to your relatives 8: Do you sleep undisturbed at nights? 9: Do you like our new shower room? 10: Is there improvement in your loved one since admission into the care home? After gathering information from the above question, I will use the information to make an assessment to measure the quality of service offered in my organisation. The Royal United Hospital Trust, and carefully examine efficiency and effectiveness, from service users perspective, staff perspective and customers perspective, I will further examine the gaps and incorporate changes into my existing services. 2.2 Measure the impact of recent changes on health and social care services against set

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